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Why visit Corozal

Corozal is located towards the northern most region in Belize. On the map, the district is just 8 miles N of Belize City and 31 miles N of the famous Orange Walk Town. Those coming from Mexico will be happy to know that Corozal is only 8 miles south of the Mexican border. This quaint seaside town is located south of the Rio Hondo. The scenic river of Rio Hondo forms a border between Belize and Mexico.

In recent years, Corozal has emerged as a touristy town and a popular place for retirement. In fact, the town’s affordable seaside properties have drawn the attentions of many property investors and buyers in America. This coastal district is set on a crystal-clear bay. However, tourists often don’t find this coastal destination as appealing as other Belize beach destinations. Corozal is also known for its ancient Mayan ruins. It seems this seaside district once was an important center for trading on the early Mayan time. A number of history buffs come here to explore both the Mayan rui…