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Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Tourism in Northern Belize (Orange Walk and Corozal)

Many tourists come to Belize to explore  as many towns and hotspots tourists destination in Belize.  Did you know Northern Belize has many places to visit and several Mayan temples to visit? Orange Walk and Corozal has many things to do in Belize for tourists to come visit. 
 Orange Walk, Belize 
Orange Walk District is affectionately called” Sugar City “. Located about 55 miles north along the northern Highway, Orange Walk is a drive of about 65 minutes from Belize City. It is an easy 30 mile drive to Corozal Town. Take a walk in time. Orange Walk is home to a mix of cultures and some 15,000 residents. Stop at a cafĂ© to take a look at the daily life of Belizeans from the north. Then, go to the Casa de la Cultura Banquitas to familiarize yourself with the history, culture and industry of the district. The House of Culture regularly hosts traveling exhibitions of art, culture and archeology. Orange Walk is famous for there best tacos in town. Don't miss out on this one.

 When you …

Summer in Corozal

It is summer time in Belize and Children are happy that their are out of classes. Summer is when kids don't have to worry about homework or going to bed early. Summer is when kids want to things that they want to do. But, Many parents are finding ways to keep there children out of trouble. There are many things that are happening this summer in Corozal. Like the Summer Art Wave that will commence on Monday July 2, 2018 @ the Corozal House of Culture. And, Ancient World Week 2018 July 16-19 2018. To find out about the dates look at the photos below. Or, If you want to find out more about this event kindly contact the Corozal House of Culture for details. There are many things to find or do in Corozal.  Well, Since summer has began I went to scoop some information about Corozal and how to enjoy your summer in Corozal. Today, I went around town to snap pictures of Corozal town. I commenced my walk from the Methodist School view. I noticed they have a Solar Panel for the School. Whic…