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The First ever BTB held there fist annaul Love Sea Kayak Challenge

Imagine paddling along the coast of the entire country, just because you love Belize? This year, Love FM and Belize Tourism Board partnered Be lize first ever Love Sea Kayak Challenge that was held from May 17-21st.  Kayakers paddled 218miles along the Belize's coast, that started from Punta Gorda to Corozal. ON Monday May 21st 2018, Corozalenos gathered at Rainbow bwach to witness the First Annual Love Sea Kayak Challenge. 
It commenced shortly after 1pm with gillhary playing during the event. Kids and adults swam on the water as they enjoyed the day at the Beach. Congratulations to the First Place Male Winners and Overall BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge Champions for completing the race in 35 hours 59 minutes 14 seconds.
Congratulations to Third Place Male Winners BDF Breaking Waves for completing the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge in 41 hours 45 minutes and 04 seconds.
Congratulations to Female Winners Delta Squad on completing the BTB Love Belize Sea Challenge in 54  hours 44 minute…

Maya Reenacment was held at Santa Rita Temple

This reenacment is based on the historical wedding of the Princess Axhilha to Gonzal Guerrero that took place at the Sant Rita Maya Temple. Read more here:
On May 19, 2018 The Northern Maya of Belize held there Maya Reenacment at Santa Rita Maya Temple. The colorful light setting gave the Temple a bright colorful background. As people waited for this event to commenced there where still setting up the equipments. Chairs were filled by 7pm.  By, 8pm the event had already commenced.
The wedding was Honor by Mr. Roy Rodiguez daughter's wedding. A Maya Ceremmony was done to keep away any bad spirits as the future days to come. Also, it was done to keep the good spirit within them so if anything goes wrong they will always be protected by thee good spirit. During the show, dancers from Quinta Roo, Came to show casae the Maya dances.

It was held as part of the first Maya Symposium by (To'one Masehualoon) inside Dreams.  It was a two days workshop to teach…