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Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Corozal Community College Held their Victory Parade in Corozal

Corozal Central Park was the center of attraction on Friday April 20, 2018, as 100's of Belizeans from all over Corozal town and Belize to witness the Corozal Community College Victory Parade 2018. 
Corozal Communtiy College victory Parade 2018  kicked off with a parade through the main streets of Corozal town at 5:30pm. It was a celebration of color, rhythm, talent and passion and spirits were high as participants headed in the recalde Stadium in Corozal stadium for the main event. Many had already filled the stadium when the Marching band arrived. The victory parade was to give back to the public a reward ceremony. During the event a short ceremony was made and the field performanced was done. The victory show concluded at 8pm. 

A Brief History of the Mayan people

The Maya Culture of Belize is fading away. And, we need to bring back the Maya History. Batab Maaskab Masewal (The Northern Maya of Belize) from Orange Walk explained to me a brief history of the Mayas.  And, even right here in Corozal. there is a Mayan Group called the To'one Masehual'on group. If you want any information about the Mayas please contact this two pages. I want to thank the Batab Maaskal for this great information of the Mayas.

The Maya people  of the  Northern Belize belong to the group known as Yucatec Maya which are found in Corozal,Orange and Cayo . The Maya have been in the northern area of Belize since the first contact with the Spanish resisting for over 200 years until the British came . When the British came to Belize they did not encounter the Maya living in the sea side but they continue to live inland. As the British went deeper to the jungle they face Maya resistance by the rio Bravo,lamanai and Yalbac area . The British reported several attacks do…

Corozal held their Reggatta Sail on Saturday

The Corozal Sailing Club held their Regatta Sail at Jam Rock on April 14 @ 15. At 11am Sailors gathered infront of Jam Rock and one by one they sailed on the Bay of Corozal. The water was rough and the kids had rough time controlling the Sail. Today it is happening again until 3pm. So, come out and enjoy the weather right here at Jam Rock.