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Corozal House of Culture held their Full Moon Concert "Benque Marimba"

On a monthly basis we engage, learn and share our new learning and review music note reading with Professor Alejandro a musician by profession with speciality in bass guitar from Guatemala City; It is a fun way to embrace and expand our learning to obtain high standards in music.

Music notes a universal language  for our young musicians, we are humbled and proud of all the efforts by and for our Youths.
On Saturday night April 7, 2017 Corozal House of Culture presented to the Public "Full Moon Concert Benque Marimba Los Hijos Del West" got invited to play live music for the public in Corozal. It all took place infront of the  Corozal House of Culture  where a number of people filled up the sits. At 7:30pm  Ms. Debra Wilker did a short ceremony thanking everyone who came out to support Benque Marimba's  Los Hijos Del West event. Benque Marimba played mixed songs for the public such as Reggae, reggaeton, salsa, cumbia and more. The audience enjoyed watching the Marimba pl…