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Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

7 Great events you don't want to miss in Belize

From scuba diving to hiking up Mayan ruins or caving like Indiana Jones, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities in Belize. You’re probably thinking that you’ve been there and done that in Central America—perhaps in Costa Rica or Mexico.
But more than likely, you haven’t experienced what makes Belize unique from its neighbors: its fusion of Caribbean, African, Latin and Mayan cultures. From a West-Indian style carnival in Belize City to lobster feasts, Garifuna John Canoe dance contests and chocolate celebrations in Punta Gorda, planning a visit around one of the following seven local festivals in Belize will give you unique insight into its melting pot culture—the kind you won’t experience across the border. 
Belize Carnival Belize’s annual Carnival rivals those held in the Caribbean. Every September, residents of Belize City and Belizeans from around the country descend on Belize City to celebrate or take part in the ritual. The city’s main streets shut down as revelers in colorf…