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P.U.P Held its Victory Parade on March 9th, 2018

Did You Know? The Corozal United Front (CUF) was a short-lived political party active in Corozal District, Belize, in the 1970s. Shortly after its founding, the party won a municipal election in Corozal Town, defeating the established People's United Party there for the first time. In conjunction with the newly formed United Democratic Party, the CUF fielded candidates in the 1974 Belizean general election but failed to win any seats in the Belize House. After the 1974 election, the CUF was absorbed by the UDP.

Municipal elections are held every three years in the 9 principal cities and towns of Belize….the last one was held on March 4, 2015. Corozal Bay is an electoral constituency in the Corozal District that represented in the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belize since 2008 by Pablo Marin of the United Democratic Party.  Corozal Bay constituency was one of 10 new seats created for the 1984 general election. By far the smallest of the four constituencies i…

Belize to held 2018 Municipal Elections

Wed, 7 Mar 2018 — Municipal Elections

If you are entitled to vote in Municipal Elections in Belize, be sure to come out on March 7th. It’s your civic duty.

For election information, go to the Elections website.
Belize is divided into 31 electoral districts or constituencies, each represented by one member in the House of representatives. Belize's constituencies are divided in such a way that their voting population is as equal as possible to each other ensuring, theoretically, that resources are equally shared among the country's citizens, as required by the constitution. After the 2003 General Elections, two additional constituencies were created from territory of existing constituencies in order to further ensure the equality of the voting populations among the constituencies. Coming out of January 2008, the most populous constituency (Stann Creek West) had a voting population of 7,085 while the least populous constituency (Fort George) had a vo…

Belize Geography

Did you know:  Of 13 Commonwealth member countries in the Americas, only Belize, Canada, and Guyana lie on the mainland, three of the most sparsely populated countries in the association; all the others are islands or archipelagos. The country’s current Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, is the first of African descent. With one foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea, Belize may be small but it's packed with adventure and culture.

Key facts Joined Commonwealth:  1981 Population:  332,000 (2013) GDP:  2.0% p.a. 1990–2013 UN HDI:  world ranking 84 Official language:  English Timezone:  GMT minus 6hr Currency:  Belizean dollar (Bz$) Geography Area:  22,965 sq km Coastline:  386km Capital city:  Belmopan Population density (per sq. km):  14 Belize forms part of the Commonwealth Caribbean and is located in Central America, bordering Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south.
Main towns:  Belmopan (capital, pop. 18,326 in 2014), Belize City (form…

Justice for Babies was held today in Corozal

Every child inside and outside of the womb is precious, a life. A life worth fighting for. They are our future. Fight for life! We are the Pro-Life Generation!!  Everyone joined hand in hand to speak our voices out for Justice for babies.  On Monday, March 5th everyone gathered at the Corozal Central park to send the message to the whole world stop Child Abuse. It commenced at 9am and other was 5pm. The same energy you are putting into fighting over a color let us use that energy to fight for our babies! For once let’s get together as one and stop fighting over irrelevant stuff! Let’s fight for our children our future! Child abuse needs to STOP NOW!

Corozal Roundabout to be completed this Friday

For several weeks I have been recording on the construction taking place along a roundabout near the Santa Rita area of Corozal Town. Belize Scoop has confirmed that this Corozal Round About will be completed this Friday. Yes, it looks like it is completed right now, but some additional things will be added to the Round About.  It has a Mayan Head Sculpture, 4 Mayan stones, 4 walkways towards the Jade Head one that is only steps and Brown Stones that are squared around the Roundabout. This Roundabout is to attract Tourism in the Country when they are coming to visit the town. And, to show that Belize has a very strong Mayan culture. But, how about adding the word "Corozal"? This will show the town its representation of Corozal.  The Locals wants more scenery and a better look. This News is from CTV 3 News received unconfirmed but reliable reports that the contract for the project was given to a contractor from all the way in Succotz, Benque Viejo Del Carmen. We understand a…