Corozal held its 2018 Carnival Parade

A month of festivities is held around Belize in the month of September.  Carnival in each district is held on different dates.  Today I blogged about the Corozal Carnival float parade. So, sorry that I could not continue going live. Usually, the Carnival is always held on the 20th of September in Corozal. Because everyone loves to go to Orange Walk on the 21, of  September. Corozal felt the September Celebration on Thursday, September 20, 2018, with Colorful floats that gathered at the roundabout by the Corozal Hospital at 3pm. By then, the people had already lined up all through the main streets of Corozal parade Line. Main floats came out very decorated, creation, drum line, businesses and other floats that participated in this year's event. During the parade, I saw colorful floats, Belizean flag waving as high as they can wave, throwing sweets to the kids, drum line, Corozal Sailing Club, Corozal Town Council, Corozal Community College, Corozal Rotary, Corozal Radio Bahia, BIC, and Several other Businesses and floats. The parade ended up at the Corozal Civic Center. One of the most attractive parades brought many from around Belize. It was an event everyone was waiting to witness in Corozal. The beating of the sounds of the drums, the Belizean Musics, the dancing just made everyone feel happy to see that parade happening at that moment. Kids and adults were super exciting to watch. Despite, no rain until after the event it suddenly came down.