Sun Splash was held on August 26, 2018 at Corozal Rainbow Beach Park

On Sunday August 26, 2018 Sun Splash was held at was held at the Corozal Rainbow Beach Park. It commenced at 9am concluded at 9pm. During this time there where playing football, Karate, banana Boat Ride, and Bull ride game at the same time. This events concluded at around 3pm. During this time djs where playing hype songs until the main concerte began.   Dj cash king and Dj Absolute where at the event playing great music. At around 4pm,  Easy classic from Orange Walk came out on stage to sing classical rock music. This Classical music that was played on stage was not those crazy rock music you hear on youtube. it was those positive classical rock music. And, nothing bad you heard but a positive music was being played. Some songs I heard was pretty knew to me. Several songs I knew from its original singers. Then, came up Soca Queen with some Hype music being played. Her soca songs called the attention from everyone. Even tjose who enjoyed her music came on front of the stwge to dance. Surprisingly, It was my first time seeing Soca Queen  stage performancing on Corozal. I know some of her songs and I didn't her on Personally. I took a picture with her. She was friendly. One of the fampus band known arounf and was right here in Corozal is Gillgary 7. Originally from Corozal was the last performance. They concluded the show with there great mixed music performance. They sang reggae, soca, reggaeton and more. She had ber main group dancing with there favourite music.  They even gave away free tshirt for the one who came up on stage to do a performance. Sun Tropical was well secured and entrance fee was 3$. Food, snacks and drinks was available at the event. During this event it had a hand full of people. What do I mean? More people could have came to enjoy this Sunday's Sun Splash in Corozal. I love it and would love seeing another event in the future like this. Sun Tropical had many sponsorship. It was organized by the Lovefm and town Council. What I really enjoyed about this event was that it was great to be promoting local artists in Belize. Especially, in Corozal that people need to know there  artists.