Mechanical rides are here in Corozal.

Hey, kids looks who is back in Corozal, the mechanical rides are back. It are located at the civic center in Corozal. It they started to set up the Mechanical  earlier this week at the Corozal Civic Center. Usually, at this time in the month of August the Mechanical rides are set up. They come to Corozal of the year a week after san juaqin fiesta rides and one week before school opens the rides are set up a the civic center for kids to enjoy. They stayin corozal for about one to two weeks. Surprisingly,  This rides gets filled with childrens on the first night.
There are rides from all ages. Colorful different rides are set aside by its size. Some with musical entertainment, or crazy feriswheel, and that spinning Hurricane ride,  and some winning marble games, or the trampoline and much more. Foos will be available at the place. What is fun about this rides is that you spend so much time on the grounds riding them each one of your favourite rides. Corozalenoes always enjoy this event once a year. So, if you missed the rides when it was infront if the old social security few weeks ago here is your last chance to come here and enjoy the rides at the corozal civic center. I'm sure you will have fun, I will garantee you.