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Aji Tapa Restaurant in San pedro Ambergris Caye

Aji Tapi Restaurant includes a Bella Vista Guest Homes, a four casita boutique resort located 2.5 miles north of San Pedro inside Aji Tapa premises. It has full equipped furniture, wifi, cable, air-conditioning and kitchen. The garden has a walk way very clean and maintained. 
Aji Tapa is a perfectly  venue for rehearsal dinners, working meetings, weddings and other intimate gatherings. The restaurant is open all day serving throughout the afternoon, with happy hour from 1p.m. to 4p.m. daily. Reservations are recommended due to limited seating, but walk-ins are always welcome.The food is amazing to try with a blend of Mediterranean and Caribbean cuisine – a mixture of Italian, Spanish and Argentinean flavors. 
Here's what happened: My friend Linda Miller  picked me up at my house, and we drove 2.5 miles up north with her golf cart. The weather was perfectly fine to come out and adventure in San Pedro. We exchanged information all the way until we reached to Aji Tapa Bar. The fir…

Power Outage in Corozal

On sunday, the power in corozal was cut of from 6am to 2:30pm. Noone likes when the power goes out on Sunday. Or, anytime during the week. In Belize we take a lot of advantage when it comes to electricity. We all cry that theirs no power because we need to do something with electricity. Family would want to use electricity. But, BEL had to do some upgrading on the street lights around town. And, some people had to migrate else where to be where electricity was. And, those who stayed around in Corozal.. Hey, it wasn't to bad after all. People came out with boats riding around the bay and three other kayaks where paddling around the bay of Corozal. Children came out fishing. And, other people swam on the shallow water area. So, how did you enjoyed your Sunday without power? Well, I walked the beach area and I saw a lot of upgrading around Corozal. Houses being painted, businesses are opening, streets are being upgraded. This means that Corozal is getting a little attention. On Satu…