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Visit the Northern Belize (Corozal)

The Northern interior of Belize is a treasure trove for culture lovers, naturalists, and Archaeology fans. Between Mexico, Ambergris Caye Corozal's turqoise shores and diverse landscape from beaches and historical sights to a nature reserve draw visitors in search of a relaxing, less touristic escape.
is the birthplace and home of the Mestizos (Maya and Spaniard culture). Today, the district encompasses a diverse population of ethnic backgrounds that have blended to give the people a distinctively relaxed outlook on life, making Corozal a tranquil paradise.
 The warm and welcoming locals makes this haven the perfect getaway destination. At sunset, you may want to enjoy the weather in at Miami Beach waterfront view among the breathtaking sunset view. Corozal, has a ferry that take's you 30 minutes to Sarteneja Village and 2 hours to San Pedro Ambergris Caye. Sarteneja Village is a quite slow paste village. It is one of the  Belize's traditional home made sailboats. S…

Travel essential in Belize

Hospital public and private hospitals are available.. Hospital are located in urban areas of the country.
Rural areas are equipped with medical clinics and nurse practitioners. 

Important numbers:  Police Emergency: 911Fire and Medical Emergency: 90Belize Tourism Board: 1-800--624-0686

What to Bring in Belize:

17 Must-Have Belize Packing List Items + What  to Bring

What to pack for Belize — and other tips to make your trip “Unbelizeable”

With crystal blue waters, a short flight from the U.S. and English as its official language, Belize is the best of both worlds — central American culture and beaches paired with relative traveling ease. My husband and I picked Belize as our honeymoon spot for those exact reasons, knowing that we would need a mental break after months of hectic planning. That’s exactly what we got: endless hours spent in hammocks or reading on a dock mixed with day trips snorkeling, tubing and exploring ruins.

“Unbelizeable” —  Here’s what to pack for Belize:

What to pack…