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Showing posts from November 12, 2017

DAVCO Cultural event is happening now at Corozal

Fri, 17 Nov 2017 — DAVCO Cultural Expo commenced with a short cermmony that began at 10am. Welcome Address, short dance presentation, Mayor of Corozal and vote of thanks. And this event will conclude at 4pm.

If you haven't made yet to the DAVCO Expo you still have chance to come out with the entire family. The Expo has  including cultural presentations, music, food, and beverages. Informational booths are out here at the event such as: SFXCU, Corozal NICH, Oceana, Patchakan, Escuela Secundaria questioner, Minister of Civil Aviation, SIR, smart, NDCAD, Nortenio, Honey Bee @ more.

Villages from around Corozal Came out to present their cultural food, clothing, and their background, How their food is being prepared. Maya mestizo, mestizo, creole, garifuna, East indian,  lots of stuff's are being sold at the event such as: local pepper sauce from Orange Walk, Escabeche, Chimole, Pibil, Mayan Food, Tamales, Escabeche, Chimole, local sweets and lots more. Come out and join the fun u…

World Diabetes Day Was celebrated Inside Corozal House Of Culture

World Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign focusing on diabetes and is held on November 14 each year.

Medical Help

Diabetes is a serious disease, so we need to apply all the medical resources we have available to work with it. There is more help in Corozal than you might think.

What Diabetes Is?
As in other districts of Belize, diabetes mellitus, commonly called diabetes, affects many residents. It means either the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or the cells do not respond properly to the insulin produced. This leads to elevated blood sugar levels.

Led by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), each World Diabetes Day focuses on a theme related to diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes is largely preventable and treatable non-communicable disease that is rapidly increasing in numbers worldwide. Type 1 Diabetes is not preventable but can be managed with insulin injections.  Topics covered have included diabetes and human rights, diabetes and lifestyle, diabetes and…