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Caribbean Tire's Appreciation Day Sale

CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SALE DAY TIME Wed Nov 08 2017 at 07:30 amVENUE Caribbean Tire - Orange Walk, Mile 52 Northern Highway, Orange Walk, Belize.

 Last year in Corozal, the Caribbean Tire's gave some wapping discounts country-wide to give back to their customer's in Belize. This year it will be held in Corozal in front of the Corozal Caribbean Tires Park.  You will see discounts such as Grills, motorcycles, tool boxes, electric stoves, electric motorcycles and more were offered at this site in Corozal. So, if you missed it last year you can always come by on November 11, in Corozal for great discounts.

Chetumal Celebrates the Tradition of the Day of the death

This event began on October 30, and will take place tonight October 31 and will run until tomorrow November 1, 2017. The event is located at the Municipal Boulivard road in Chetumal. What is the tradition of the day of the death celebrated in Mexico? tributo a los fieles difunto is mentioned in spanish. If you have lost a loved one that you loved a lot, the memories of your smile and the beautiful moments at your side, are the best ways to move forward ...
The Day of the Faithful Dead or Day of the Dead
Every 2nd November we celebrate the Day of the Faithful Dead according to our tradition. The celebration begins on the eve, the first day that is All Saints' Day and extends throughout the day 2.

This day is also known in some places as Day of the Dead, Day of Souls or Day of the Dead is remembered and paid tribute to loved ones who died. The Day of the Dead is an almost universal celebration, of various cultures and religions throughout the world.
It is said to coincide with the d…

Ten Mayan Ruin's to Visit Belize

For almost 3000 years, the ancient Maya civilization flourished in Belize, building towering temples as tribute to their god-like rulers. The remains of these once-mighty city-states are scattered throughout the country and are prime for exploration. Xunantunich Set on a leveled hilltop, Xunantunich (shoo-nahn-too-neech) is one of Belize's most easily accessible and impressive Maya archaeological sites. Getting here is half the fun with a free hand-cranked cable ferry taking you (and vehicles) across the Mopan River. Xunantunich may have been occupied as early as 1000 BC but it was little more than a village. The large architecture that we see today began to be built in the 7th century AD.
From AD 700 to 850, Xunantunich was possibly politically aligned with Naranjo, 9 miles west in Guatemala. Together, they controlled the western part of the Belize River valley, although the population probably never exceeded 10,000. Xunantunich partially survived the initial Classic Maya collapse…

2017 Hanal Pixan was held in Corozal

A Mayan celebration of the famous Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Hanal Pixan is a time for family and friends to honor the memories of their deceased ancestors. Over the first two days of November, spirits are believed to return to the earth for a celebration of food, drink, and prayer. Their graves are decorated with gifts and fruit and altars are prepared with photographs, the iconic Mexican sugar skulls, and colorful flowers.In Mayan tradition, death comes in waves. The first death is, of course, a literal one and comes the moment that the human body ceases to function. A second death occurs with burial as the body is returned to the earth. Hanal Pixan is considered so important, though, because of the third kind of death: the end that comes when a person is no longer remembered or thought of by those still living. The stories and dances, poems and prayers that are characteristic of these days are meant to preserve the memory of those deceased, to help their…