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Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Ancient World Week Held in Corozal NICH

July 17, 2017 the Corozal NICH open its doors to the public to attend the Second Annual Ancient World week that commenced at 1pm. The Introduction to this program for the afternoon activity was based on lecturing the public Archaeology of food Ancient Maya Dietary Patterns. 
The Institute of Archaeology (NICH) and Northwestern University through the Corozal House of Culture presents Ancient World Week, July 17-20, 2017, at the House of Culture.
Workshops, lectures, and site visit.
Monday, 17th July, 1-4pm Archaeology of food Ancient Maya Dietary Patterns
Tuesday, 18th July, 1-4pm  Santa Rita Murals  Aventura, Santa Rita & Cerros Relations
Wednesday, 19th July, 1-4pm  Human Bone Analysis  New Research at Aventura
Thursday, 20th July, 1-4pm  Site Visit: Ongoing Survey & Excavation at Aventura
For more information and registration, visit the Corozal House of Culture or call 422-0071. Participation is free of cost.
Ancient Maya cuisine was varied and extensive. Many different types of resource…

Third day of the National Corn Festival 2017 held in Corozal Rainbow Beach

National Cornfestival was held on Sunday the  last day of the National Cornfestival  with full of activities during the day. The crew behind this event would like to thank all those sponsored, donated, helped to make this event better and success. Well, lets start how the event concluded on Sunday. Family, friends, tourists and locals came out on Sunday to witness the last day of the Cornfestival. Many may ask What is Cornfestival? Cornfestival is an event where booths came out to dispaly everything that had to do with coconut husk, Corn, Tamales, Hudut, tamalitos made with corn and more. Its an mayan tradition where you learn about the Maya's culture food, clothes, religion and more.
The weather was excellent as it advanced during the day. It did wanted to rain for a minute but, it just went away. The event commence shortly after 1:30pm where a group of children came out to play a game called JUJU Sweet contest on Stage. This contest was by two winners ages 8-9 and 914 years old…

Corozal Art In the Park July 15, 2017

The Monthly Art in The Park commenced at 5pm at Corozal Central Park. Lots of giveaways was given to those who bought tickets at the event.   Adoption of a dog was made at the event for those who loved dogs. you couldn't missed out one thing"Ms Deb's" food Truck. Those Delicious fries and Beef Burger tasted do good that I ate it all. Painting was made by locals in Corozal for sale. Those drawings was very good talent. Wood works and designed shapes was made for  sale. It attracted many people because of its shiny coating. From Jewelries to local baskets was sold at the Art In Park. Many people came out on Art In the Park as a celebration of Live music performance and food. Since their where four events this past weekend many didn't know which one to go at. Corn festival, Art In The Park, Corozal Sailing Club. And, the weekend was so busy that everyone enjoyed there day. Art In the Park is based on locals to promote their locals products made hear in Corozal. Sur…