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5th Annual Men at Work Exhibit held in Corozal

The National Institute of Culture  of Corozal invited all the public to attend The 5th annual  Men at Work exhibit that was held on Friday June 2, 2017 inside the Corozal House of Culture.  The event commenced shortly after 7pm at the Corozal House of Culture. In the introduction of the show, Debra Wilkes interrupted the crowd for the commencement of the event. Everyone raised up for the National Anthem and prayer, Invocation by Kathy  Kilsha, Welcome Address by Debra Wilkes Coordinator of the Corozal House of Culture (NICH), Keynote Address By CTC Councilor Rafael Castillo, Vote of thanks Artist Judy Wilson,  and last Cutting of the Ribbon. The Corozal NICH Congratulated  ten young individuals who did their excellent paintings, they are: Allan Jones, Carlos Carrillo, Daniel Cano, Bob Wright, Hector Villamil, Gale Peterson, Benjamin Cal, Paul Sandilands, Marcus Gonzalez. District. Below are some examples about those young boys that had displayed their work  on the wall. 
At the event…

Update FAYUQUEROS Got out of hand two detained after a wild war

Once again, fayuqueros of the community of Subteniente Lopez, Quintana Roo faced the authorities of the Land Maritime Customs of Subteniente López to continue with the control of the crossing of goods from the Free Zone of Belize.  BDF, Police,  Marine Guards  and the other authorities where at the scene to guard the bridge that connects both nations. No pedestrians, motorists and any other vehicles where not allowed to cross on Wednesday May 31, 2017.
In this regard, the Commissioner of the Ministry of Public Security in the state José Eliecer Varela Durán confirmed that the authorities of the Tax Administration Service had to call the guards on the Mexican side, as the fayuqueros were carrying illegal Goods without respecting customs agents and assaulting them. They started to throw rocks and bottles at the authorities as to protect themselves and continue crossing their illegal merchandise.
The so-called "ant traffickers" have already made different fights in this area of…

Would you help send Verge of Umbra to play @ Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany!?

Read more here for details how to donate: Our band Verge of Umbra has recently won a huge live heavy metal music competition that was held in Guatemala City and, as a result, we will be representing not only our country Belize but all of Central America at the Wacken Open Air Festival 2017 in Germany. It is held annually for the past 26 years and is the largest heavy metal festival in the world having roughly 86,000 attendees each year. The Festival spans for three days and is scheduled for August 3rd to the 5th 2017. This is as HUGE for our country Belize as seeing our team at the World Cup or  one day witnessing our local Beauty Queen becoming a finalist in Miss Universe.

Belize has the talent; we just need to get out there for the world to see. THIS IS IT!!

Corozal Community College Prom Night Held this Saturday June 3rd, 2017 (Picture's are from 2016)

Its here once again,  the Corozal Community College Fourth Form class Prom Night. A night where everyone was waiting for. The class of Fourth  Form from  Corozal Community College High School will showcase their annual Prom night event where they will showoff their  drum rolling, fire dance, fairy tale presentations, glamour, swag and some fire works displays, Suits and clothing fashion, jewelries, dance show and lots more entertainment. A total red carpet affair will be lined up on the street side and a crowd of people will await for the event.  Here is a snippet of last year's event of CCC's PROM presentation. Congratulations to those that will be graduating this year and here is a wish to you all the very best in your future endeavors.  Last year's event was held in Tony's Inn Hotel in Corozal and lots of fans and family came out to support their dates couple. Everyone had gathered and line up beside the red carpet to witness the Prom Night at Tony's Inn.. Sinc…