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A breif History of San Pedro and Riding around San Pedro Ambergris Today.

The island of San Pedro Ambergris Caye is a spoiled island where you can meet many friends from abroad. This experience trip to San Pedro Ambergris Caye was quite changing. I had the best time around town visiting local places. Many just come to relax and enjoy the water view. Others enjoy it perfectly fine, while drinking and eating food, while being under the sun.  Some do all while swimming inside the pool.  What else do you want? Spoiled island can be meant as not wanting to do anything but to just relax and enjoy the weather down in Belize. Last week, I traveled to San Pedro Ambergris Caye to update you about a trip to the island. I arrived on a Friday morning with the weather humid and the sun beating my skin. No wind, a lot of mosquito's and some sun heat could have not been much complicated.  As my morning advanced during the day I walked over at  this place called the Coffee Bar on Barrier Reef Drive where I drank my first coffee for the morning. I love the smell of coffe…

Visited the inauguration of the Corozal House of Culture Historical Walk in Corozal

All Corozalenos where cordially invited to the opening ceremony for the inauguration of the Corozal Town Historical Walk that began at 9 am on  Thursday May 18th, 2017. We want to kindly thank our collaborators; the Corozal Town Council, Belize Archives and Records Service, Corozal Junior College, Mr. Roy Rodriguez, Mr. Oscar Riveroll, Mr. Francisco Magana, Mrs. Amira Leiva, Mr. Graham Sampson, the Ahmad Family and Mr. Jorge Clarke. All have been an integral part in the research, collection of images, installation and inauguration of the Historical Walk. Join the House of Culture as of Thursday,  in celebrating this milestone with our beloved community!The Corozal House of Culture was originally built in 1886 as a Market for Corozal Town.  During its lifetime the Market was utilized for a century as it was originally intended.  Abandoned for a decade, the building was refurbished in 1996 and reopened as the Corozal Tourism and Cultural Centre, but was closed in 2003.  Due to the histo…