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Tropical Depression One-E upgrades to a storm Adrian

Tropical Storm Adrian Advisory Number   5
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL       EP012017
400 PM CDT Wed May 10 2017


LOCATION...10.5N 92.7W

There are no coastal watches or warnings in effect.

At 400 PM CDT (2100 UTC), the center of Tropical Storm Adrian was
located near latitude 10.5 North, longitude 92.7 West.  Adrian is
moving toward the northwest near 5 mph (7 km/h), and a gradual turn
toward the west-northwest is expected on Thursday.

Maximum sustained winds have decreased near 40 mph (65 km/h) with
higher gusts.  Little change in strength i…


Located in the beautiful continent of Central America, Belize offers some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful landscapes both above and below its crystal waters. With a year-round tropical climate and ocean temperatures to match, Belize is renowned for its world-class snorkeling, which you can combine with relaxing on idyllic white beaches and sipping a delicious rum cocktail at the end of the day! With plenty of choice when it comes to Belize vacation rentals, it’s easy to pair up where you want to stay in this gorgeous country with where you want to snorkel, so check out these top 9 places for an incredible Belize snorkeling trip to get your underwater wanderlust flowing! #1 Hol Chan Marine Reserve Coming in at number 1, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is without a doubt one of the most amazing places to snorkel in Belize. As the country’s oldest reserve, this marine national park in the north of the country is teeming with incredible marine life. At only 6km from Ambergris Caye, it makes fo…

5 things to do in Caye Caulker, Belize

Belize is unlike the rest of Latin America. It may as well be on a different continent for its cultural differences with the neighboring countries. The culture is Afro-Caribbean, with some Mayan mixed in. The official language is English, though it's not unusual to hear their own distinct Creole with some English and even a little Spanish woven in.

In Caye Caulker, things to do are plentiful. This tiny island gets less tourism than it's bigger island neighbor - Ambergris Caye to the north, but enough to make the amenities, activities, and tours plentiful. If you like learning about that crazy vibrant world underwater, this is the place to go. The barrier reef off the coast of this island is the second largest in the world (after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia) and has an impressive amount of diversity. The best Caye Caulker things to do involve heading to this reef - diving and snorkeling being the most popular.

Besides that, enjoying the eclectic culture, eating local f…

Best beaches you want to visit while being in Belize crystal clear water

Thanks to a magnificent coastline hugging the Caribbean Sea and more than 200 offshore islands — at least 20 of which are inhabited — Belize has golden and white-sand beaches that are a boat or plane ride away from Belize City. Many of these beaches remain a well-kept secret, discovered only by dive enthusiasts and anglers who venture off the beaten track. Here are our recommendations for the best beaches to visit in Belize.

1)Placencia Peninsula, Belize Beach review - Placencia is a gorgeous emerald peninsula in southern Belize with 16 miles of sandy beaches. The Caribbean sea is to the east and the charming Placencia lagoon lies to west looking towards the Maya Mountains on the mainland. Placencia is essentially divided into two parts: south of the airstrip and north of the airstrip. The entire peninsula can be easily navigated on a beach cruiser bike. The busy part of Placencia lies in the south where the visitor will find the greater concentration of coffee shops, bistros, internet…

7 amazing active adventures in Belize, beyond the beach

MSN has named  7 amazing active adventures in Belize, beyond the beach to do in Belize. They had rated this places as one of the most visited places in Belize. Don't worry, if you haven't heard about this 7 stunning places here's a blog about it. 

Actun Tunichil Muknal tour (Belize tourist board)
Why Belize?

For the ancient Maya, Belize’s vast karst cave network was the entrance to Xibalba, the underworld. For today’s visitors, it’s a spectacular subterranean playground. There are caves to hike around, abseil into, climb about and float through. Some caves have dark rivers flowing through, while others contain Maya art and remains. All of them offer opportunities for adventure.

Actun Tunichil Muknal is the best known, for good reason: you get to hack through jungle, then swim and clamber deep inside to a Mayan burial site, where broken pots are scattered around a sparkling, calcified skeleton.

But there are plenty more options. Off the Hummingbird Highway, the Caves Branch R…

Lobster Season in Belize to be open in June (Awaiting for the opening season)

At the open of the season, June 15th, (when you can eat lobster, fresh or otherwise) lobster sells for $20.00 Bze per pound. After the initial rush of the season the price per pound stabilizes around $18.00bze. Buyers will sometime get a way with a minimum offer of $17.00. Today,  the going price is $17.00Bze/Lbs in Belize City and $20.00/Lbs in San Pedro. They are available in San Pedro at he Fishermen's Co-Operative, from individual fishermen and the various small fish markets. Conch season is September 30-July 1st, and shrimp doesn't really have a season but very hard to get from June-August. Stone Crab is available year round. Second grade lobster which is illegal is sometimes available at $10.00 per pound. But be advised that the penalties are steep for being in possession of second grade lobster. A lobster must weight 4 ounces and above for it to be legal and purchased at any cooperative or store. Second grade lobster is normally returned to vendors with little supervis…

Mango Season in Belize; eat your favorite pick on a fruit stand

It's mango season here in Belize.  Belize enjoys about 20 different varieties of mangoes.

Most people are familiar with mangoes, but for those of you who are not, a mango is a fruit only grown in the tropical areas of the world.  It is one of the most delicious fruits in the Caribbean. The taste is hard to describe, but the closest thing I've heard is that of a Japanese persimmon.

Mangoes vary in shape and size and have many different name.  To name just a few of the more popular ones:  1) Julie,  2) Slipper, 3) Sugar, 4) Thundershock,
5) Number Eleven, 6) Bellyful, 7) Blue, 8) Judgewig 9) Apple, 10) Common, and 11)  Hairy.

Mango blossoms are small pink flowers covering the trees beginning in January. They transform into tiny green mangoes around May then slowly fill out and acquire a reddish tint in readiness for the rain showers in June that put the ripening touch to a mango. By that time the colors range from blue to red to yellow and when cut there …

Tropical Weather Discussion NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL 112 PM EDT Tue May 9 2017

Tropical Weather Discussion for North America, Central America
Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, northern sections of South
America, and Atlantic Ocean to the African coast from the
Equator to 32N. The following information is based on satellite
imagery, weather observations, radar and meteorological analysis.

Based on 1200 UTC surface analysis and satellite imagery through
1715 UTC.


A tropical wave is over the tropical Atlantic with axis extending
from 10N41W to 03S42W, moving westward at 15 kt. Cyclonic
curvature is noted in infrared satellite imagery and model fields
between 38W-48W. SSMI total precipitable water imagery depicts the
wave well. Scattered showers are within 180 nm of the axis.

A tropical wave is over the tropical Atlantic with axis extending
from 11N56W to 01S57W, moving westward at 10 kt. This wave has
become less well defined over the past 24 hours. However, some
signature remains in infrared satellite imagery and in model
fields. Scattered showe…

Visit the Blue Hole in Belize; enjoy the clear water

The "Great Blue Hole" couldn't be a more fitting name for the underwater sinkhole off the coast of Belize. The circular site, which can be viewed from space, has become a bucket-list destination for travelers and scuba divers alike. At 984 feet wide and 410 feet deep, the dark blue hole is located at the center of an atoll called Lighthouse Reef. Though the sinkhole appears to continue down an infinite depth, an island of coral that outlines the circle rests in much shallower turquoise Caribbean waters. Parts of the ring are even exposed during low tides, showing the contrast in water levels.
The massive hole wasn't always submerged underwater. During the Earth's glacial period when the sea level was much lower, the Great Blue Hole originally formed as a limestone cave. But as the ocean began to rise, the cave flooded and eventually collapsed, becoming the popular dive site it is today. The former cave's calcium salt deposits, which look like yellow icicles,…

Five excellent places to visit Belize in 2017 (2017 bucket list view)

# 1 Corozal Town/Consejo
Most visitors to Belize either never get to Corozal or pass through quickly en route somewhere else. But the Corozal Town area and nearby Consejo offer a lot for those staying awhile -- low prices, friendly people, a generally low-crime environment, the beautiful blue water of the bay, and the extra plus of having Mexico next door for cheap shopping. The Mestizo refugees were far from safe in Corozal Town as the Maya Indians from the Mexican base in Santa Cruz Bravo — today Carrillo Puerto — made several incursions in Corozal Town. In defense, Corozal became a garrison town and Fort Barlee was built here in 1870. Today, the brick corner supports of the fort surround the post office complex of the buildings across from the central town square. The immigrants brought with them Mestizo culture: Spanish and Yucatec Maya language, Catholicism and Maya folklore, the use of alcalde, their family structure and way of life. Soon, there emerged a local replication of th…

Great Honeymoons in Belize

Belize is a popular honeymoon spot. With some prior planning, visitors even get married in Belize. Here, in no particular order, are our suggestions for great honeymoon destinations in Belize.
For Soft Adventure in the Jungle Here are four jungle lodges where you can enjoy nature with creaturecomforts and privacy: * Chan Chich Lodge in Orangewalk District. In the middle of the bush,with cut trails for easy jungle access and good local guides to share theirknowledge with you. Cabañas are single units for privacy. Very safe,very good. * Lamanai Outpost Lodge in Orangewalk District: Beautiful setting onthe New River Lagoon near Lamanai ruins. Take a spotlight nature tour atnight. Thatch cabañas aren't fancy but well designed and private. * Chaa Creek, near San Ignacio, Cayo: For privacy, choose the new honeymooncottage, as most other accommodations are in duplex cabañas. * Jaguar Paw, Belmopan Area: Ride the river and explore caves by day,enjoy good food and air conditioned comfort by nigh…

low pressure area Invest 90E in southwest Central America (Pacific)

Closer to the low pressure area Invest 90E in southwest Central America (Pacific) to become tropical cyclone. The National Hurricane Center in Miami in a special bulletin increased the cyclonic probability to 50% or less at 48% and to a high 80% for the next 5 days. This low pressure system continues to be stationary. A tropical depression is likely to form tomorrow or Wednesday according to NHC. As you take a very slow course to the northwest in the next few days.
It is important that both countries of central and southern Mexico keep an eye on the official bulletins of the hurricane center.
There is still uncertainty in the medium and long term as far as models are concerned. What if it is quite sure is that it enters to earth by some point like tropical cyclone for the next weekend, reason why is much time to watch.
But where are you expected to touch land? Too early to know. South Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua must remain vigilant to the evolution, uncert…