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Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Escuela Mexico high school celebrates 34th Anniversary: Open House 2017

The Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico school, located in San Roman in Corozal, which opened its doors in 1983 with 68 students and 5 teachers, celebrated its 34th anniversary on Thursday April 6th,, 2017. It commenced at 9am with a short ceremony to open the Business fair that was held inside the school compound. Agriculture Business students did a training on how to create products from honey. Some products are cough medicine, sun block, facial creams and soaps just to name a few. They will all be available for the CEMJC OPEN DAY ON APRIL 6, 2017. If you missed this year's event here's a blog about the school.  Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College is a tertiary level institution located in San Roman Village in the Corozal District of Belize. It was funded by the Mexican government in the year 2007. This junior college functions mainly as a vocational institution. The programs of study include Tourism, Agriculture, Information Technology, Mathematics, Biology Natural Resource …

Sun, 16 Apr 2017 — Sarteneja Easter Regatta 2017

Bring the family out for a fun day under the sun. It's here once more....Sarteneja Easter Regatta 2017!! Bigger and Better. If you are interested in participating in any of the competitions please contact the Village Council for more detailed information on the regulations. The Corozal Bay Sailing Club, Oceana, and others will be participating in the Sarteneja Easter Regatta on Sunday, 16th April, 2017. There will also be a canoe race from Corozal to Sarteneja, bikini dancing, swimming competition, greasy pig, fishing competition, greasy pole, and a volleyball tournament. Sarteneja Easter Regatta
Look out for the Corozal Bay Sailing Club at the Sarteneja Easter Regatta on Sunday April 16, 2017

Corozal Bay Sailing Club
PO Box 298
Corozal Town

Thu, 6 Apr 2017 — CEMJC Open Day 2017

YOU ARE INVITED! It is that time of the year again. It is time for the Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College’s (CEMJC) Annual Open Day. We plan to bring you lots of surprises and give you many prizes. It all happens on Thursday April 6th, 2017, beginning at 9am. Be a part of this grand event highlighting the best of CEMJC. It’s all happening at the grounds in San Roman. Pin it down on your calendar and don’t miss out.

To learn more about the school visit their website right here:

Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College Belize 

Band Fest 2017 will be held at Orange Walk People's Stadium: view your popular team and vote here

Once again it is time for the Annual Belize Band Fest 2017 which will be at the Orange Walk People's Stadium on April 8th, 2017. Across the country the air is filled with the sound of music as Marching Bands from Dangriga to Corozal, prepare for Belize Band Fest 2017. Belize Band Fest is a legendary family friendly activity, which Belizeans across the country have come to know and love. Make it a date, Saturday, April 8, 2017. With over twelve competing bands, more than twelve hundred participants, and eight thousand spectators from across the country.

The Most Popular Band: Band Fest 2017! Smart subscribers can register your votes to 8946 (UWIN). For Stella Maris Futuristic Marching Band, text the # of votes space 1 For Orange Walk Uprising Marching Band, text the # of votes space 2 For Southern Sound Drum Corps, text the # of votes space 3 For Wesley College Marching Band, text the # of votes space 4 For Police Youth Cadet Active Youths Marching Band, text the # of votes space 5 For Co…

A guide about Belize Before vacationing the Beautiful country

According to the Belize Estimate population, their's about proximate 301'000 to 304, 000 in the (2008 Estimate). 

Belmopan  has a population of (population 5'0000) in the main capital. 

Belize has an international Airport called Belize-City Philip S.W. Goldson International which is close to Belize City. Belize City has its own Municipal airport. And, if you're not familiar of the place here's a link to the website of Phillip Goldson'

Best Travel Time
One of the slow season in Belize is From September till January. From Januaty until May is the busiest months in Belize. 

According to the Press News the Value Currency of the Belize US and Belize Currency might change. It will now be from  Belize-Dollar (1Bz$ = 100 cents) toBelize-Dollar (12Bz$ = 1$US) 

Code: BZD

Symbol: BZ$

Weights & Measures
Metric and US

Electrical Plugs
110 Volt 60 Hz US Standard Plug

English Official language
Krioal and Spanish are recognised regional languages