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Leela Verden;Remembrance of her history music

So in that northerly spirit, we want you to name the northern-most country in Central America. It has a mix of Afro-Caribbean and Central American cultures. You can hear Creole and Spanish here, though English is the official language.

Which country is that?

The answer is Belize where after 30 years of independence the national anthem has finally been translated into the lingua franca of the people: English Creole. Reporter Amy Bracken caught up with the translator, Leela Vernon, in the diva's hometown of Punta Gorda:

If you go down a path behind a tool and parts shop in Punta Gorda, you'll likely find Leela Vernon sitting in her garden. Leela Vernon is a household name in Belize.

She's known as the Queen of Brukdown — a popular rural Belizean dance music. She's won awards from the government of Belize and the Queen of England, promoting her culture at home and abroad. She's also known for her protest songs.

Vernon is 60 now and likes to talk about her hobbies: org…

A visit to Bay Breeze in Corozal

First I passed by the House of culture to take some picture of the start of the morning. Excitingly, I headed  to Bay Breeze Restaurant to blog about in Corozal was quite interesting. Because I never knew how the people would reacted. Many people wants to know places to eat, relax and enjoy the beach in Corozal. Many may not know the town very well. If you're a tourist in town or just passing by,  Bay Breeze Restaurant may be the place for you. On, Friday February 24th, 2017 the Grand Opening was held at Bay Breeze. 
They had lots of free shots, drinks and fun music. It commenced at 3pm all through out the night. Then,  on Saturday live music was played at the water front view. Its is very comfortable and great atmosphere You can also see the water view even from the inside.  Walking inside the restaurant seeing the theme as Boat theme, I liked the new renovation. It has that Caribbean theme look and an Island theme. One entrance I saw was a light house on both sides. Located nea…