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Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

5th Annual Anniversary Grand Cultural Presentation; The burning of the Juan Carnaval 2017

The Corozal House of Culture has recently been on this news featuring the “Back in the Days” exhibit among many others.  Well, today they are once again in our blog, but this time, for an event that has almost been forgotten.  The Corozal House of Culture presented an almost forgotten event titled “Juan Carnaval.” This is because the tradition of Juan Carnaval has been hidden for quite some time now and the House of Culture has tasked themselves to revive this celebration, hoping that it remains an annual event.

Director of the Corozal House of Culture Deborah Wilkes, mentioned that this event was a combination of two events at once. The 5th Annual Cultural presentation and the Juan Carnaval. Sponsors where made possible by: Atlantic Bank, COLCHA, Crystal, Service to all Corozal Town.  The presentation included several 17 dances, skits, poem, dance group, comparsas and more. Opening Ceremony was Invocation by Pastor Lyndon Su Therland, National Anthem, Welcome address by Ms. Debra Wi…

Tropic Air relocates in Corozal; Staff of Corozal Tropic Air had a reopening ceremony

Tropic Air relocated in the old Maya Island building in Corozal airport.  The building was refurbished with new designed building to comfort their customers. Today, the staff of Tropic Air did a reopening ceremony. They had plenty of food, snacks, soft drinks at the event. This new building will give the customers  a better and faster service in Corozal Airport. Tropic Air is one of the largest flight company in Belize doing a number of travel's around Belize and international.. Tropic Air's building is larger indoor office with a design to accommodate their customers while they are checking inside their office. Air-conditioning inside and when its time to board the plane the speakers will come on. Tropic Air is slowly upgrading their services, offices and staff to Challenge their Airflow go well.  Today, the ceremony was to thank the public for the attendance of the event. With their new building and service relocation in Corozal they now promise to serve the public with an …

Caribbean warned to prepare for more severe storms

At an OECS climate change forum, environmentalists warn that frequency and intensity of extreme weather conditions is likely to increase. OECS member states have been urged to prepare for more extreme weather conditions and natural disasters as a result of climate change. The warning came from Crispin d’Auvergne, Saint Lucia’s Chief Sustainable Development Officer, who was a contributing panelist at an OECS climate change forum in Dominica. The forum is part of the Vini Kozè (Let’s Chat) Series that engages citizens in discussion and debate on development opportunities and challenges facing the region. According to Mr. d’Auvergne, a 2008 environmental study showed that while Saint Lucia sees an average of one to two Category 4 or Category 5 hurricanes per year, it is likely to increase to four or five hurricanes of that magnitude each year. Citing another study, Mr. d’Auvergne said rainfall in the Caribbean is expected to increase by 25 to 50 percent in the next five decades. These e…

Belize, employment option for dozens of Honduran migrants

Welcome-BelizeTegucigalpa - Given the limited employment options, Hondurans have had to emigrate for years to find an opportunity abroad. The lack of employment is the main cause of emigration in the Central American country conclude various studies.

Although the main emigration destination of the Hondurans is the United States, they have had to explore new options in view of the high risks that the journey to the American nation entails.

Belize, a neighboring country has opened as a new opportunity for dozens of Hondurans who travel every Monday and return every 15 days after completing the working day.

The delegate of the National Institute of Migration (INM) in Puerto Cortés, Francisco Munguía, informed on Monday that a boat with a minimum of 75 Hondurans departed from that area, who regularly travel to Belize to work and then return to the Central American country on their rest days .

The official explained that this day only sailed a boat but there are days when they do two, tra…

Caribbean countries are warned about serious drought

Many Caribbean countries experienced a relatively dry January this year but there is some likelihood for incipient drought concerns in some places by the end of February if it becomes as dry as January, the Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network (CDPMN) has warned.

In its Caribbean drought bulletin released in Barbados on Monday, the CDPMN said there is however, little concern over drought in the Eastern Caribbean apart from in the south, particularly over Tobago, where there could eventually be impacts by the end of the dry season in May.
“There is some likelihood for incipient drought concerns in some places by the end of February if it becomes as dry as January. There is much greater concern for western countries over both short and long term drought. This is particularly so over the Cayman Islands and Cuba.
“Other countries like Jamaica, Belize, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico and French Guiana should monitor conditions closely as the region goes through its dry season,”…