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Corozal Art in The Park February 11th, 2017

Hey guys to all my followers out their if you are reading this you can just comment below. I was excited to announced this event's for all of you to read about " Art In The Park" in Corozal. I know most of you have been following me or have read my previous articles about Art in the Park. I hope you enjoy this article about Art In the Park that was held on February 11, 17. I walked to the Central Park where things where just starting up to display their Art Work. Usually, the event commence at 5pm. But, it was to early to go. So, I just went at 6pm.  Taking out my camera when I arrived at the Central Park I commenced taking photo's of the view of the sunset  view at the Central Park. Looking through the park and the sunset at the background that scenery was amazing. The first thing I saw was the Rotary Club that are always their to give out information. To my left hand side was a few ladies selling pastries. She had lemon pie, chocolate cake, cupcakes, cookies, valen…

How to enjoy Corozal with a great experience

Many people have different ways to enjoy the entertainment in Corozal. Corozal is being enjoyed many ways by people. Hears by lovely experience and how to get around Corozal. Very unusual mornings, I enjoy watching the sunrise in the morning. Hearing the Sugar Barge on a quiet morning I could hear the motor roaring.   Usually, I walk in the mornings I see Many things. Some mornings are very cool; foggy mornings. The first thing I hear is the car spraying for mosquito's going around town spraying that acid spray. That strong bug spray I inhale burns through my nose as I wake up and in the silent morning in Corozal. From the distance I hear the loud birds chirping from the distances waking up the neighborhoods.  Those birds hang around the Central Park. As they nest on the trees above they made their home their. Ding! Ding! Ding! the loud clock from the distances the clock for the Central Park is telling the time. That, loud ring from the Central Parks clock goes on every 15 minute…