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Harley Davidson visiting Corozal Belize: Harley Davidson in Corozal?

If you ever wonder sometime's you see those Harley Davidson Motorcycle around Belize? They go around Belize riding motorcycles. A group of Black Pearl, Harley-Davidson, Belize goes around riding motorcycle and shows off their rides.  First stop was at Corozal scotty's bar and grill. and will continue through Saturday.
Make sure to come out tonight for the concert at the The Ramada Belize City Princess Poolside that's only $10 for Entry. They stopped today for a lunch to mingle and meet Belizeans around Belize. When you see these kinds of Motorcycle you will never stop by and see this Motorcycle along the seaside.
Here are some photo's Below of the Belize Black Pearl, Harley Davidson Motor rally in Corozal. Yes, you will ask Harley DAvidson in Belize? Yes, Those guys wearing Black Jacket, Colored leather boots, Long leather with bright colors, Mask to cover their eyes while they are driving, Helmet, Some Hand Grip , While they are driving. And, this guys are well drive…

World Cancer Day: Belize Focuses on Increasing Access to Care

Belize, a country of just 330,000 inhabitants and limited resources, is bringing cancer care to the fore. In the run up to World Cancer Day —taking place on 4 February 2017— First Lady Kim Simplis Barrow is speaking up for change and is campaigning to increase access to cancer care, based on recommendations from the IAEA.

“I am a cancer survivor because I was one of the lucky ones,” Simplis Barrow said. “For many in Belize, this is not the case.” In October 2011, Simplis Barrow found out she had breast cancer and managed to receive treatment abroad.

Cancer patients in Belize who do not have the means to be treated in another country have little hope, Simplis Barrow said. Even many of those who manage to find treatment abroad do not survive because their diagnoses are given too late or because there is no follow up treatment available locally. Her aim is to make sure Belize establishes a cancer care facility where Belizeans can be treated.

Cancer care

Last December, a team of internat…

Black History Month is being held in Dangriga

Around the world the month of February is celebrated as the Black history month where the the people who migrated from Africa to the other side of the world Honduras, Belize, United States and other countries who observe Black History Month are a culture to represent their culture background. On February 1st, 2017 the United States commenced its observation of their Black History month. Belize has many challenges when it comes to celebrate this month especially. when no one is really involved or though making their culture Black History Month recognize in Belize. Earlier this year a press release was taken out that their will be having an event in Dangriga. To represent the Black History Month in Belize.  A celebration that will take place this Sunday February 5th, 2017 in Dangriga.  

Renowned Garifuna artist, Pen Cayetano, and his family will be organizing a special observance of Black History Month for 2017, and the musician and painter will be preparing for a showcase that will be d…

Coldwell Banker Encourages More Travelers and Beach Lovers Into Visiting and Investing on Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye, Belize – January 29, 2017 –
Just a few months ago, Belize was very thrilled to announce that WestJet Airlines have finally made the first ever flight straight from Toronto, Canada to Belize. This gives an absolutely hassle free travel for tourists from Canada to the magnificent country of Belize.In fact, Belize welcomed 130 passengers from Canada on that first flight and it was definitely unforgettable for both the tourists and the people in Belize.

But earlier in January, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is happy to announce more thrilling news: another new direct flight from the United States of America will land to Belize.
This is possible with the strengthened relationship between Belize and Southwest Airlines. The commencement will be on the 4th of June, 2017 as Southwest Airlines starts flying direct from Ft. Lauderdale, USA to Belize every day.
The direct flights of Southwest Airlines will connect multiple cities to Ft. Lauderdale such as New York, Baltimore, Tam…

Things To Do in Corozal District

Corozal Town is one of the best kept secrets of Belize. Situated by beautiful Corozal Bay, it is peaceful and quiet. Locals enjoy swimming in the bay year round, where the water seldom gets really cold. When driving north from Orange Walk, Corozale├▒os know they are home as the bay comes into sight. In places, grass is a great, soft substitute for beaches, and you can spend the day just relaxing, swimming, and picnicing. There are usually many locals here during holidays, and many festivities are planned by the bay.

Tower Clock
One of the hallmarks of Corozal Town is the tower clock located in Central Park. If is a favorite meeting and gathering place for townspeople. There are shady spots for resting, and there are food stands every day to get your tacos and even fresh squeezed orange juice. Everything is gone by early afternoon, so get there early! On Mondays and Fridays the park is filled with locals selling goods in flea-market fashion. With a little patience you can find some rea…