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Visiting Corozal museum "Window to the Past "Khirkee Ko Guzarna" East Indian culture Museum Corozal"

Before I move on to the Museum in Corozal, I will tell you about how great the weather was today. It has been quite isolated all day with some cloudy at times. But, it didn't rain. Corozal was warm and cool today to come out and swim or walk around town. Who knows what you're day will be with no plans on your beautiful day in Corozal.  Let me highlight some interesting facts about the past History of  Belize. The video to the left, show's the inside part of the museum and how the people lived in Belize and what they use to used back then. Back then, in the old days' Belize was peaceful, slow and more enjoyable. Belize countrywide has a lot of History still waiting to be discovered.
Surprisingly,  I was so excited to come visit the Corozal museum Window to the Past "Khirkee Ko Guzarna" East Indian culture Museum in Corozal. I went to visit the Museum, and heading there it was so humid and enjoyed the wind. When I reached the Museum, I walked inside a large pr…

Visiting "Galeria De Arte" in Chetumal

Chetumal is a busy, productive, attractive City for many tourism's and Belizeans. Belizeans depend on buying products across Chetumal. Our sister City has many places to visit Mayan Ruins, Malls, Restaurants and Groceries. If it wasn't because of the Belizeans they wouldn't be where it is now.. On the Month of December 2016 a new coffee shop was opened. You can come in to buy Art paints, coffee, breakfast, Wifi, read inside,  Bathrooms and more. It was remodeled for visitors to come enjoy coffee. It is a very nice place to come sit down with your family and friends.  The name of the Coffee is  "Café y Arte Galeria De Aquí. street name is 27 Av de los Héroes" in Chetumal, Quintana Roo. 
My first visit to the coffee shop was very awesome to visit. When, I entered the building not knowing what will I be expecting inside the place was exciting. I headed towards the cashier to order my coffee. The menu had different varieties of coffee and Tea. Expresso, Capuchinio, …

San Pedro Ambergris Caye 2017 Carnaval Tradition

In the old days of San Pedro Ambergris Caye in the year's of 1950's, the local's came out to celebrate the annual Carnaval. Back then people who believed to be painted used baby powder. And, back then it was more fun because they never argued about smelling like paint or eggs. It is observed during the week leading up to Ash Wednesday and the Lenten Season and is a pagan celebration during which time people can indulge in bodily pleasures that they will have to give up during Lent. The local government of San Pedro Town usually organizes a week of fun events for visitors and locals. Today the San Pedro car-naval is similar to the New Orlean's Mardi Gras ( in meaning, not size).
Today, the young generation comes out painting people with paint and eggs. Every year in San Pedro in the month of February celebrates the annual carnival. Surprisingly, Men dressing up in drag and dancing through the streets of downtown San Pedro, Ambergris Caye,  the AID's commission,  Th…

Visiting Tropical Splash Great coffee in Town.

Are you looking for coffee in Corozal and you're tiered of instant coffee that tastes like water? Don't worry, because visiting Tropical Splash has great coffee in town, Noone else will have. The only person to sell Starbucks and Du-kin Donuts coffee in town. Tropical Splash has some amazing try outs you can taste on the list. Flavors from French Vanilla, Carmel, Cinnamon,  Hazelnut, Chocolate and Mocha. Other flavors are M&M's, Snickers, Oreo Cookies, Nutella, Milky way, Strawberry, Chamoy, lemon slush, lime slush and more. Come in today and try our Coffee today. Thursdays our 4.00$ discount only on coffee's. Opening Hours from 9am to 9pm. It is excellent coffee and this are the one's I had tried before. Visiting this place will make you want  to come back for more coffee. I dare you! So, come say hi to the staff's behind the scene that makes coffee daily. 

Maya Bella Downtown Hotel San Ignacio; A blog to visit in Belize

Maya Bella Downtown hotel  is located in the heart of San Ignacio Town. And, from short distances from Shops, restaurants, Gift Shops and more. Feel Special at this Spacious & Safe Downtown Hotel. You will Be On Top of your vacation at our exclusive downtown hotel with our private garage, 3rd-level terrace, and modern rooms. Banks, transport, a DHL Express, and a tourist welcome center are just some of the conveniences within TALKING distance. We are located on downtown where church, banking, can be made. For reservation contact us at our Address:

36 Burns Avenue
San Ignacio, Cayo BZ
Telephone International:

​+011 501 615-5593
+011 501 602-6082


Room Features All rooms include air conditioning and ceiling fan, hot and cold water, flat-screen TV with all your favorite channels, and a closet rod. All rooms are very well lit

Bedroom Features 
Choose from King, Queen or Double Beds, which come fitted with water-resistant covers. Your luggage will fit…

Delicatessen Boutique Gourmete is now open in Corozal in front of the BTL offfice

Delicastessen is now open for the public to come in and buy products of different kinds of Smoked ham, Different Yogurts, Bacon and Seafood. On Thursday January 12th, 2017 was their Grand Opening with discounts prices on certain products. Brings premium Hams and Imported and locals seafood closer to home and business. So, Corozalnoes who cook at home, You have a new place to come visit for your cooking time during the week. And, it was an exciting to see this business to open in corozal.

Smoked Ham Turkey Breast Ham (This are sold by pound)Turkey Virginia Ham 
Different Yogurts Flans Ole Cafe Bacon Hot Dog Sausages Philadelphia CheeseLa Villita Buter
Sea FoodFish FilletOctopus Shrimps 

Our Business Hours are from 8am in the Morning to 9pm in the night from Monday to Saturday. So, Restaurants of Corozal come check out the new place that just opened. They have the greatest meat, seafood, and drinks right here inside Delicatessen. If you haven't heard about us yet come take a look and w…

Full Moon Surpassing Silence; held in front of the Corozal NICH

The Corozal House of Culture made its Saturday night live music possible by the Surpassing Silence from Orange Walk. It was a night that you didn't wanted to miss with your family.. If you couldn't make it this year then you can come next time. This event was sponsor by many businesses to make this event. And, it was passed through live streaming by Estereo Amor from Orange Walk. Surpassing Silence usually takes place on the first Full moon of the year to Celebrate the Full moon. Tourists and locals enjoyed the live music the Rock Band played throughout the night.

During the event you could have visited the inside where they had display of the Pirate's who came to Belize.  The Theme for tonight's Full moon Event was Rock and Roll, Pop music, and Latin Music. Music from Mana, Bruno Mars, Bon Jovi, Micheal Jackson, Rock and roll  were some of the Musics that where played at the event. The Corozal House of Culture is well known for organizing activities that promote art …