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Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

The first annaul Art in The Park in Corozal will be held on January 21, 2017

Art in the Park is a monthly event sponsored by COLCHA. Local artists display and sell their creations. It is held in downtown Corozal Town in Central Park, beginning about 5pm. For more information call 620-1572. This was my first event I came out to take photo's of the Art in The Park in Corozalback in 2016. Since, it was my first experience in the event, I witnessed a special event. Looking at the local products I learnt a lot of history and information about what people made.  Throughout the year  of 2016, while attending a number of events, it was very amazing to see those people doing their homemade products. With a little boost and little advertisement I came to see and to take photos what they had done. 

Art in the Park, now sponsored by COLCHA, has been providing an exciting and interesting display of productions by local artists for over two years now. There is a continuing and growing interest in this event, and there are often new displays each month, as well as those w…

A Saturday morning view of Corozal (North-side of Corozal)

I love coming out to take photo's of Belize; especially when you are walking along the beach and feeling that breeze on your face.  I am a person who loves to take photos in the morning because I get the scenery I want to take pictures of. And, this morning I went to take photos of Corozal on the North-side of Corozal.  Corozal is a quiet town to visit and among those lists of living in Belize, are retires who come to retire in Corozal to enjoy the Belize lifestyle.  The Scenery this morning was beautiful to see every moment you walk. I couldn't get enough of the view. People where out doing chores, swimming on the water, locals just hanging around the park and walking around town. Many birds you see out here where catching fish, swimming along the sea or just relaxing on the water. "What a fantastic morning!".

Corozal has 250 different species of birds. And it is located in the Ship stern Nature Reserve. You may see animals in Corozal such like: parrots, flamingos, …

Krem cycling race 2017

From the border to the boulevard, from the hondo to mahogany! Who will win the 2017 Krem New Year's Day Cycling Classic Race? I had the opportunity to take photos of the 2017 Krem Race that commenced from the Corozal Border to Belize City. And. it was a tough race. Because you hade female's and men group. It keeps getting excited every year as the race gets bigger and better. Noone couldn't miss this event. Here's some picture's I took while I was in Orange walk. 2017 Krem New Year's Day Cycling Classic Champion Elite Men  Ron Vasquez - SMART.
Krem New Year's Day Cycling ClassicJunior Men Podium
1. Shaun Codd - Team Imani's
2. Nashen Ysaguirre - Cabral/Marin
3. Brian C. Sutherland - SMART

Krem New Year's Day Cycling Classic
Elite Women Podium

1. Alicia Thompson - Belize Bank/Swoosh2. Kaya C. Cattouse - SMART/C-Ray 3. Gabrielle Lovell - DigiCell 4G

Prelium Results of Elite Men

1. Ron Vasquez - SMART 2. Brandon Cattouse - SMART
3. Giovanni Lovell - DigiCell