Christmas weekend in Corozal and a view at Corozo Resturant

Corozal is a charming town of approximately 10,00 people located in the north of Belize just across the border from Mexico. Popular due beautiful setting on the bay and cose proximity to low cost shopping across the border in Mexico, Corozal town offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience Mestizo culture in Belize.  Corozal Bay is a fun place to play and retire in Belize
The Corozal Bay is a fun place to play and retire in Belize!

Welcome back to an opportunity for a life changing living experience at Cerros Sands, Corozal, Belize! It’s where you wake up to the sound of birds chirping, breeze blowing and just the smell of the fresh waters.  Getting ready for another day of relaxation and/or adventure is simply up to you.  Remember,  you have a all day and evening to get better acquainted with what you now would call home.

On Saturday December 23rd, 2017  I went for a morning walk in the Bay of Corozal.  Their was many people coming to buy in town for the Christmas Holiday in Corozal. I walked by in town and heard Christmas Music from the distance played by a local business. Some are giving discounts and some businesses will be open until Christmas Eve. The weather in Corozal was very humid. I Wasn't feeling that Cold Crisp cold front you feel in Belize in December. Usually, its always cold at this time of the year. For those who want's to escape the snow winter hey, this place is to be right now. 

I saw many people swimming on the water and going out with their boats. Some where just chilling at hang out spots like Jam Rock, Scotty's, Bay Breeze.  I managed to take photo's until I finished.  Corozal has many activities to do when you visit here. December is a month that high season start's to pick up in Belize. Snorkeling, Maya ruins, Butterfly farm, Old Sugar Factory in Libertad Some suggestions. 

And,  Picture's Below are from Corozao Blue's Restaurant. I visited Corozo Blue's Restaurant. Corozo Blue's Restaurant is located on an inviting curve of beach just where the road turns south out of town, this semi-enclosed restaurant has indoor and beachfront seating with a spectacular view of the bay. (On a clear day you can see the ruins at Cerros!) It has an outdoor stone oven for pizzas, as well as Belize standards like rice and beans and ceviche. There's also beer and fresh juices. Parents take note – Blue's also has a fine playground with swings and a jungle gym. I hope everyone enjoy's their Christmas Holiday's in Corozal and around Belize. Be safe, Travel safe. Merry Christmas t oone and all.