9th Annual Christmas lighting in Corozal Central Park

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Its begining to feel a lot like Christmas. On Saturday December 2, 2017 Everyone gathered at the Corozal Central Park to witness the 9th annual Lighting of the Christmas Tree. This Tree isn't any ordenary tree. Its the time when you and your family come out and enjoy the colorful lights from various decoration. Kids where so excited when they saw Mr. and Ms. Santa Clause before the event commenced. There where 14 dancers for the Christmas lighting.. They all performed well and entertained the crowd. Its was one of the that nights when the crowd laughed and was joyful to see the small children in Santa Clause suites. The MC began the show at 7pm where had mentioned the welcome address, Mayor speech, Acknowledgement and recognition. Ms Corozal Queen of the Bay also came out to say a poem. Christmas Tree Lighting was enjoyed by everyone who came out to watch this famous event. Christmas parade in Corozal will be in two weeks. Christmas lighting is celebrated countrywide in Belize. Each district have their show with different performance. I hope this celebrations conitnue's in Corozal.