Last weekend of the rides in Corozal

This is the last weekend of the rides which are located at the Corozal Civic center. It has been here for quite some time now in Corozal. And, tonight Saturday will be the last day of the rides before they leave. Last night, I went to scoop about the event why it is always fun to visit the Mechanical rides. Usually, 2-3 weeks before school opens in Corozal the mechanical rides are put together for kids and adults to enjoy. Tickets charge varies from the rides you want to ride. And, Surprisingly, not only here at Civic Center was the rides.

In front of the old Social Security Office where they use to be located, Mechanicals rides for young teenagers were in this location and for Adults. And, the kids ride where at the civic center. On the grounds, there were quite a number of people came out to enjoy the last weekend. Since school starts on Monday for primary school, not many people came out. Because everyone wanted to see the Dj Competition at central park.  First thing I did, was walked towards the ferris wheel. I took line and paid to go up the ferris wheel and they only charge me 3$Bz which is reasonable price. I went up the Ferris wheel to view the rides from above. Seeing everything from up the ferris wheel houses, the rides and countless people where at the rides was amazing to observe. I felt my stomach tingling as it took me around and around the Ferris wheel. Meanwhile, I was taking photos on the ferris wheel I enjoyed the ride and stood still until the ride had finally stopped. I came out of the ride and walked around the location to take more pictures of the rides. I saw  Kids running around, adults playing games, kids jumping on the trampoline and lots more.  How lovely, it was to take pictures at night and seeing everyone having fun. 


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