Corozal Friendliest community to visit in Belize

The people tend to be very friendly. Corozal is a small and sleepy town with great views of the bay. If you want to rest, this is a great stop. If you arrive on Sunday, you'll find most businesses closed, although a few of the small restaurants and general stores will be open. There are very few tourists, so it is a good place to see Belize off the beaten track, and consequently, accommodation, food and drink, and other items are cheaper than in better-known places.

Very regular buses are available between Corozal Town and Chetumal in Mexico, running about every 45 minutes during the day. The journey lasts about 1 hour and costs around 3.00Bze$ or 20$ pesos Mexican if you are still in Chetumal coming to Corozal.

Fairly regular and inexpensive buses are also available to and from Belize City and Belmopan, as well as other destinations in the country. Tropic Air and Maya Island Air offer flights on smaller prop-driven aircraft between Corozal and Belize City, San Pedro, and Caye Caulker, as well as many other less-traveled Belize towns. To Book your flights in Tropic Air Click Here: , to book your flights in Maya Island Air in Corozal Click Here:

Thunderbolt Ferry runs between Corozal, Sarteneja and  San Pedro at 7am and returns from San Pedro at 3pm to Sarteneja and Corozal. The Boat travels twice daily in each direction. The trip takes about 2 hours. The cost for round trip is 90.00$BZE and 55.00$ one way. And, to book your reservations on thunderbolt click here:
A view from Corozal. 

Visit a nearby butterfly farm
Shipstern Nature Reserve is located in Sarteneja, a small fishing town in the north-eastern corner of Belize about 30 minutes away by boat from Corozal.  It was established as a private Nature Reserve in 1987 and it covers an area of more than 27,000 acres of protected habitats, ranging from saline wetlands and lagoons to Yucatan tropical moist and dry forests. Shipstern is also home to the Butterfly Breeding Center, which has supplied international destinations like Great Britain, United States, Japan, and Singapore with pupae for their own man-made butterfly habitats. Learn more about the Butterfly Farm this link Below:

Visit the ship-stern's website right Here:

Visit the small Maya Ruins of Santa Rita, minutes away

Cerros Mayan Ruins located in the Corozal Bay
Visit this link to find out more about the Maya Cerros for more photo's:
 Visit the Cerros Ruins across Corozal Bay. The easiest way to reach the ruins is by boat. usually hire-able at the main dock east of downtown, but the site can also be reached by road. Follow the Cerros Ruins signs on the road to Copper Bank and Sarteneja, but be careful, it is a ~10-mile dirt road which can be very washed out following bad weather, especially hurricanes. The direction to Cerros may also not be terribly well marked, but if you take the left path at major forks in the road, you should find it fairly easily. Again, hiring a boat in Corozal will definitely be quicker and easier, but taking the road will give you a chance to ride one of the hand-cranked ferries seen throughout Belize (no charge for the ferry, but feel free to tip or buy juice or snacks the ferry pilots have for sale).

Manatee watching is a popular tourist attraction in Belize, and the gentle and sometimes curious creatures can be observed at Corozal Bay and is a protected area for the Manatees. Visit this link to find out more about the Mayan site Santa Rita Mayan Site for photo's and more information:

The town has a fairly wide selection of shops, it is possible to buy clothing, food, kitchen and garden equipment, electronic goods, bicycles and more. During the day there is a market close to the bus station selling a variety of local products, such as fruit. There are three banks in Corozal, two of them foreign with ATM's, but these will only accept Visa or MasterCard. The local 'Belize Bank' also has an ATM and will accept other cards such as Maestro, but it's reliability is questionable; you may end up having to wait inside the bank for an hour before they give you back your card and tell you its not working today. Within the banks you are likely to find very long queues.

It is possible to change Mexican and Belizean money on the street here, and this is legal and certainly safe if you do it next to the border checkpoint. You can also change money inside the customs office, but the rates are often less good, cash advances on credit cards are available here but a large "handling" fee is charged. If you are leaving the country and need to pay the exit tax it is a good idea to take money out in Corozal instead. Without a credit card you will have to withdraw money at the Belize Bank in Corozal or take out Mexican Pesos on the other side of the border, and change this into Belize dollars.
A view from Corozal. 

Ruby's, located at the roundabout on Beach Road, serves incredible yummy Shrimp Ceviche (5 BZD), the best Burgers in town (4 BZD) and homemade Juices (1 BZD). Meet super friendly Ruby and Forest (owners) who love to chat about your travels.
June's Kitchen, located on College Road, Home made Belizean Breakfast and Lunch daily. Served on June's veranda dining room. Just ask the locals for directions if you can not find it.
Cactus Plaza Mexican food, #6 South 6th street, tel:4220394/4220281. for room reservations.
Patty's Bistro, Belizean and Mexican food #13, 4th Avenue, Tel:4020174.
Venky's Kebab Corner, 5th Avenue, tel: 4020 536. Provides vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian food in large quantities. $15 Belizean ($7.50 US) for more than one person could eat. Opposite the immigration office, within a couple of blocks of 4th Street, not far from the Hok'ol K'in Guest house.
Marcelo's Pizza, #25 4th Avenue, tel:4223275. Delivery & Eat In.
Al's Cafe. Belizean and Mexican Budget Restaurant.

Marisol, beside UNO Gas station has re-opened. Mexican.
RD's Diner,  (501) 422-3796 ( 7AM to 10PM, Closed on Sundays. All foods prepared with EVO and high grade vegetable Oil. All foods are prepared fresh as you order. Dine in an air conditioned, elegant and non-smoking atmosphere. Situated on #7-4th Avenue Corozal town. Accepts all major Credit cards.

Habanero Grill, Santa Rita Road (East of Santa Rita ruins),  501+6634074. 4PM-9PM, Closed on Sundays. Delicious American style casual fare with a Belizean touch. Flavorful high quality burgers using fresh produce and ingredients. Hamburgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, cold soft drinks. $.  edit
Copper Bank Inn, Cooper Bank Village,  662-5281, 

Corozal Guest House: One of the cheapest accommodation in the town, and located opposite the bus station. A double room costs around Bz$45 (US$23), but if it's quiet you can haggle this down. The rooms are fairly clean, if basic and somewhat run down. You may get bitten by mosquitoes during the night, so if you find a lizard in the room, leave it there to eat them.

Mirador Hotel, Tel: 4220189, email: A new hotel in front of the bay offers clean and spacious rooms at very reasonable prices. A room for a couple with fan cost US$35.00 and air condition US$50.00 all rooms have private bath (hot/cold), television, and free wireless internet access. 24 rooms. Facilities: restaurant, tours arranged, internet cafe, terrace, free wake up service,Parking, and phone booth.

The Hok'ol K'in Guest House costs Bz$90 (US$45) for a double with air conditioning and a view of the bay. Clean, quiet, and friendly, right on the street that runs along the waterfront. 89 4th Avenue, 422-3329 (as of July 2007).


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