Bright Beginning Day Care now open in Corozal, Town

Parents of Corozal town, Are you busy working and you don't have time to find a baby sitter in town? Don't worry, because Bright Beginning Day care opened its doors today Tuesday, August 1, 2017 in Corozal. It is located across from A @ R Behind Atlantic Bank Insurance Office inside the old Orange Walk Taco's restaurant used to be on 4th Avenue. What is Bright Beginning Day Care Center? The business provides full day care while parents are at work.

We handle from months old baby to 8-9 year's old kids. Well, secure building so your child can be safe while parents are at work. This day care offers full Kitchen, Diapers,   chairs for months old baby, food and bathroom.  Kids can play with toys such as outdoor and indoor slides, bouncy balls, reading books, puzzles, board games, coloring books, chalk boards, snacks, Indoor basketball hoops, Games for all ages and much more.

Register your child today at Bright Beginning Day Care during normal hours from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.  I got a free tour of the inside of the Day Care. Clown was hired to give free balloons for the children's. The  DJ was playing his music. It looks very nice from the inside with lots of surprises to show for the public during this open Day. If you haven't made yet at the event you still have time to come out and view the new day Care here in Corozal across from A@R, Or drop by the office at normal hours how to register your child.   

Here's the Clown giving away balloons for the chilren. 

Bright Beginning Day Care New sign.

Outdoors play ground for children's to play. 

Here is the inside view for younger children's ages 3-5 playground. 

Inside slide play ground for the children to use. 

Kids area to play along with each other and learn to communicate with other children. 

This the area where babies have kept aside for the day care babysitting. And, it's a kitchen area for your babysitters to take care of your baby well.

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