The 4th Annaul Spartan Body Building Classic

First woman to represent Ms President on The woman's Body Building Group.
The General Public was invited to attend the 2017 Spartan Body Building Classic Contest was held on Saturday July 22, 2017 inside Corozal Civic Center. Bodybuilders athletes from around Belize and Mexico represented their athletic Muscular Bodies. six Men Body Builder and two women competed against each other to win over their points to move on to the last category. A number of  Judges from around Belize and Cancun came out on the show to Judge the Winners by categories. Bodybuilders are judged on the overall quality of their muscular development. Judging is based upon the presentation of:


Stage Presence Includes posing performance and other factors influencing general appearance such as skin tone, grooming, charisma, and poise. Effective stage presentation is essential to display the physique to its maximum potential.Since 2013, Mr. Belize has been hosting this event in Corozal to be recognized for what he has been doing for the past years  as Mr. Belize. He now owns Spartan Fitness club in Corozal, And, teaches those in his gym technical about being healthy, how to exercise, how to diet, and more. Vellos, travels around Corozal to help youths to become a better person in life and teach young generation positive  things in life.

For fitness, there was competition on Men’s Physique and Women’s Bikini. For bodybuilding, there was the  Up to 70 kg and Over 70 kg categories. The winners of the bodybuilding categories competed in the Overall category and the winner got $500 first place prize. American bodybuilder has signed up and was put in the physique athletes to the test.  Last year's Winner on the body building held in Corozal: Mexican national Eduardo José Mayo Poot (Over 70kg winner) against Mexican National Meffi de la Rosa (Up to 70kg winner). The Mr. Physique category was won by Aurel Lewis, while Gina Lovell won the Bikini competition. Each category has its own 1st to 3rd place prize. Usually, the Spartan Bodybuilding Classic is the final bodybuilding event before the national Mr. Belize bodybuilding competition, scheduled this for October.

2017 Spartan Bodybuilding Classic

Below are the official results of the Spartan Bodybuilding Classic held in Corozal Town and hosted by 5-time Mr. Belize Rigo Vellos.

Physique Category

1st place - Lonnie Whitaker

2nd place - Amawei Opuobori 

3rd Place - Rigo Menjivar

Up to 70kg
1st place - Alfredo Lopez 

Over 70kg
1st place - Luis Miguel Tamay 
2nd place - Clemente Santos 
3rd place - Deon “The Spider” Ortiz

1st place - Wendy Lizarraga
2nd place - Tania Olaya

Overall (2017 Spartan title)
1st place - Luis Miguel Tamay 
2nd place - Alfredo Lopez 


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