Visit the famous chicken drop in San Pedro Ambergris Caye

Come say hi to the staff of Wahoo's Lounge that works hard behind the counter that makes Wahoo's Lounge famous. if your looking for Wahoo's Lounge it is located in the heart of San Pedro Ambergris Caye. It is located in front of Spindrift Hotel on the first floor on the beachside.  Wahoo' s Lounge has reasonable bar prices of 5bze for a beer, drink, or any other beer that is on 5bze pricing. It is 5bze everywhere on the island.  Wahoo's Lounge has a view from the Barrier Reef and the waterview. It is an indoor bar with great music you might like. Don't worry, because Caliente's offers food right next door while you site back and have drink here at Wahoo's Lounge.  Tourists come here just for one reason: The Chicken Drop. If you're a fan of gambling you might win alot of Cash.  Also, every Saturday is Karaoke for those who want to try your Tryaoke.  Many people may be asking "What is Chicken Drop? "

Wahoo's Lounge: The Chicken Drop is a fun event where people buy numbers on a board to see if a chicken in a ring defecates on it.  If the chicken poops on your number…you win! And guess who needs to clean the poop afterwards, the winner. 

Beach view from Spindrift's Hotel. 
The stage for the Chicken Drop is a net-enclosed 10 x 10 grid marked with numbers from 1 to 100.  Each square is purchased for $1 bz, 5bze and 10bze..  For each ticket of 1bze you can win up to 100bze, 5bze up to 500-800bze and 10bze you can win up to 1000bze dollars. Tickets go on sale at 5pm and the Drop starts at 7 pm, with one drop every 20 minutes. If the chicken poops on your square, you win $100 bz!

One person is chosen to toss the chicken in, but first they must move it in a circle three times, raise its tail feathers and blow in its butt for good luck.  The chicken is tossed on the stage and that is when the crowd takes over. 
Inside view of the place.
The chicken drop is held every Thursday starting at 6pm at Wahoo's Lounge right on the beach. It's a fun event similar to bingo where all the participants wait for the chicken to poop on their number. The winner receives BZ$ and gets to clean up the poop! Happy hour and a great live band included. And, don't forget that Wahoo's lounge has some famous drinks and shots at the Bar. Also, they sell T-shirts for your travel needs. Wahoo's Lounge also has a famous Song called the Sexy chicken. Just ask any bartender working at the bar for more details.

Yeap a nightly view of the place. 
Wahoo's Lounge is a very relaxing spot to be while on your next vacation to visit. And, if you'r that type of person who doesn't like noise? Come hang around and watch the day go by while having drinks and eating from Caliente's.
Chicken picking his drop inside the ten. 

 No golf carts driving by on the beach, cool of under the shade while being inside Wahoo's Longe. Or, just sit outside and watch the birds, sail boats, boats and people passing by. Very, comfortable with swings inside and remodeled for your relaxation. Just come sit right here and enjoy the water view.  You will not regret it. You can meet new friends at Wahoo's Lounge with excellent services they give you.
Here is a view of the water from outside. And, from the distance you can see the Barrier Reef. 


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