low pressure area Invest 90E in southwest Central America (Pacific)

Closer to the low pressure area Invest 90E in southwest Central America (Pacific) to become tropical cyclone. The National Hurricane Center in Miami in a special bulletin increased the cyclonic probability to 50% or less at 48% and to a high 80% for the next 5 days. This low pressure system continues to be stationary. A tropical depression is likely to form tomorrow or Wednesday according to NHC. As you take a very slow course to the northwest in the next few days.
It is important that both countries of central and southern Mexico keep an eye on the official bulletins of the hurricane center.
There is still uncertainty in the medium and long term as far as models are concerned. What if it is quite sure is that it enters to earth by some point like tropical cyclone for the next weekend, reason why is much time to watch.
But where are you expected to touch land? Too early to know. South Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua must remain vigilant to the evolution, uncertainty continues in the long term.
NHC chart: The red cone is where it is expected to be strengthened to tropical depression, NOT its trajectory.
Different live satellite imagery on the system, NHC chart and run of various long-term models.
To form would be the first cyclone of 2017 before the start of the hurricane season in the eastern Pacific (western Central America and Mexico).