Two detained and Subtentiente Lopez old Bridge closes again

Once again, fayuqueros of the community of Subteniente Lopez, Quintana Roo faced the authorities of the Land Maritime Customs of Subteniente López to continue with the control of the crossing of goods from the Free Zone of Belize. Codes of the Mixed bases of operation to guard the bridge that connects both nations.

In this regard, the Commissioner of the Ministry of Public Security in the state José Eliecer Varela Durán confirmed that the authorities of the Tax Administration Service had to call to guard the bridge on the Mexican side, as the fayuqueros were carrying illegal Goods without respecting customs agents and assaulting them.

The so-called "ant traffickers" have already made different fights in this area of ​​the bridge that connects Quintana Roo with the Free Zone, since the authorities have tried to control both the traffic of goods that realizing how to avoid that they use drugs or activities of intimidation Towards buyers arrive in this part of the country.
According to unofficial sources, two where detaineed a woman and a man who were allegedly responsible for stirring up the fayuqueros who are no longer willing to "move" with the customs officers. Now the fayuqueros pretend to operate outside the law without being bribed by customs agents.  And, Yesterday during the closer the Freezone was closed down due to control traffickers from bringing their items across Mexico.