Escuela Mexico high school celebrates 34th Anniversary: Open House 2017

The Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico school, located in San Roman in Corozal, which opened its doors in 1983 with 68 students and 5 teachers, celebrated its 34th anniversary on Thursday April 6th,, 2017. It commenced at 9am with a short ceremony to open the Business fair that was held inside the school compound. Agriculture Business students did a training on how to create products from honey. Some products are cough medicine, sun block, facial creams and soaps just to name a few. They will all be available for the CEMJC OPEN DAY ON APRIL 6, 2017. If you missed this year's event here's a blog about the school.  Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College is a tertiary level institution located in San Roman Village in the Corozal District of Belize. It was funded by the Mexican government in the year 2007. This junior college functions mainly as a vocational institution. The programs of study include Tourism, Agriculture, Information Technology, Mathematics, Biology Natural Resource Management and Architecture.
Every year the school held their annual open day where every program display different skills and apply the knowledge they gain in theory. This they put it into practice and students, teachers, parents, siblings and organizations from different districts go to see the different activities and projects Centro's students have to display. This vocational technical college not only teaches their students the theory part of the courses that they take, but also the practical part where they engage in fun and exciting activities.
The Booth for information about the School. 
The agriculture students are involved in chicken rearing and crop production. Some years ago this program also did bee keeping and extracted honey from their bees, which were kept in the Ecological Park. The ecological park is a secondary forest adjacent to the Junior College; this is catered for the protection of the organisms that live in there. The ecological park is shared with Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico, the high school that is also next to the Junior College. Students from E.S.T.M also take care of the ecological park by doing cleaning of the trails, they also engage in a program where they have what is called a butterfly sanctuary. The sanctuary is located in one part of the ecological park. For the Biology natural resource management every year the group work in collaboration with organizations such as the Belize Audubon Society and Blue Ventures where they perform research data collection in marine studies in different places like the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, Halfmoon Caye and Calabash Caye. In the end of the year they present their data to the head of their department along with members of the organizations.
A view from the school entrance at Escolar Secundaria Tecnica School open house. 
The tourism students also partake on the re- enactment wedding ceremony as part of their curricular activities. Not only are they exposed to this experience but also on doing actual tour guiding in different Mayan sites. For the IT students it's no different. They get the opportunity to compete abroad with Central American counties, in fields such as programming and web design.
Architecture is one of the newest yet most interesting subjects in CEMJC. They are equipped with spacious classrooms, drafting tables and specialized program named, AutoCAD. As all other courses, Architecture students also get the opportunity to create sophisticated models. (Houses, hotels, bridges among other complex structures)
Department of Youth Services booth. 
The mathematics group is normally small mostly made up of five students. This course has its level difficulty; therefore, not many students enroll in the subject. The mathematic students have the opportunity to share their knowledge with the adjacent high school, as they are invited to teach for a day at the institution.
This institution is newly born to the Corozal District; however, they have the intention of expanding the institution. Their aim is to hire more teachers and also add more courses to their curriculum. The institution counts with a storeroom for the agriculture department, a lab for the biology department, two labs for the IT, a food and beverage kitchen for the tourism department and the newly done conference room along with the expansion of the staff room and the construction of the auditorium.
Matheletes Booth. 

Guess who's back aggain? Happy cow cheese and local Belizean coffee. 

Orange walk Marketing Booth. 

OCEANA Hill Bank booth. 

BFLA Booth at the open house. 

Caribbean Pride again. Doing their promotion booth.  

Junior college House plan design made by the class of house plan. 

The creation of young talent made this product and was up for sale. It took three month to make, but this young Belizean still made it possible to do. 

SIRDI promoting their booth. 

Local honey was made for sale so people can be aware of our local products. 

S.F.X.C.U was promoting their booth for your banking needs. 

Belize Marketing and Development Corporation.  

Corozal ASR Sugar Corporation buisness. 

BSCFA booth at the open house. 
Pure Sweet sensation booth doing their local honey.  

Photo Deluxe photo shoot booth. 

1oo's came out for the annual open house this past Thursday April 6th, 2017. 

Shaved ICe and local jam was selling right here. 

Virgin Drinks. You called a drink the virgin? Let's got make some. 

This booth made SNACK CITY booth. 
Welcome to Bio Graph.

Candylicious booth. 

Oahana booth.

XILBALBA Maya booth presentation. 

Yaad Man Crafting and design. 

Coffee time? Yes. You could have got it right here. D Blended wonders of Belize. 

This booth was made possible by Paint ball fighters. 


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