Corozal Community College Third winning on Band fest victory held in Corozal

This year’s band fest was held at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town and 13 bands participated in the 12th annual Bandfest.  Corozal Community College has held on to the Belize Bandfest sceptre for the third consecutive year. First place category for the drum corps was won by the Southern Sound Drum corps from Dangriga. In second place was won by the Holy Redeemer Marching Band while third place was Mahogany Heights Marching Band. In the category of marching band with wind instruments, was won by Corozal Community College ranked first while Wesley College marching band ranked second. The best choreographed band was the Corozal Community College which showcased an attractive presentation.The most popular band was Holy Redeemer who received the most text votes and last Orange Walk Uprising marching band was this year’s drum line champs. Corozal Community College won Three times in a row in this Band Fest annual Marching band. 

On, Friday April 28, 2017  the School of Corozal Community College celebrated its victory in Corozal. While they marched through the streets of Corozal, they filled the air with music.  A number of crowd followed the team as they marched towards the Recalde Stadium in Corozal, where they arrived to commence the ceremony. When, I arrived along with the team their was already a countless people awaiting this victory to celebrate with the team. At 6:30pm the principal thanked all the fans who voted for the team and to support Corozal Community College Marching 2017 and even before the event took place. After the announcement was made by the Principal of CCC: National Anthem,  the prayer and a Vote of Thank commenced the victory of the winning Bandfest of the year 2017. Live music performance entertained the crowd which they enjoyed watching until the end of the program. They performed the best music that made the crowd dance, sing and entertained by the music. It was the best thing to watch them play on the filed with live music. 

Here's the team celebrating going towards the Recalde Stadium, Corozal.

Girls doing their performance

I enjoyed watching their dance performance.

Open Ceremony at the Recalde Stadium. 

Team performing at the Recalde Stadium.