Aly Raisman had the most awkward experience ever this weekend while visiting Belize

Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman was having a relaxing weekend in picturesque Belize with her family when the unthinkable happened on Saturday morning. While having breakfast with her dad, a waitress asked the most awkward question imaginable to a father and daughter.

She asked if they were on their honeymoon.

Then, somehow, it got worse. I'll just let you read the tweet Raisman posted on Twitter about the incident:

 Alexandra Raisman ✔ @Aly_Raisman
Breakfast with dad & a lady asks if we're on our honeymoon then asks how much weight I've gained since Olympics. Hope ur Sat is less awkward
3:36 PM - 22 Apr 2017
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What a horrible way to start a day. If you thought you had a bad weekend, hopefully this will make it seem slightly better.


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