Fly In 2017 was held in Spanish Lookout, Cayo, Belize #Flyin2017#

This past weekend, I travelled to Spanish Lookout to experience the biennial Fly In 2017 at the airstrip.  For those of you not familiar with Spanish Lookout it’s a Mennonite settlement located in the Cayo district of Belize.  This aviation event was dynamic - featuring astounding aerial shows coupled with the ambiance of the Cayo countryside making it an event not to be missed.  Featuring helicopter rides, performances by skydiving teams, aerobatics and for those daring enough, an opportunity (for a fee) to tandem skydive with licensed professionals.  Included in the experience was time for RC crafts, pilot competitions, aircrafts to view and the famous Ms Deb’s food Truck with delectable food and snacks.  There was no doubt that guests were enthralled!  This is definitely an exciting and unique event not to be missed when it comes back to Spanish Lookout in 2018!

The Flight Enthusiasts thanked  everyone who came out on support the Fly in 2017Surprisingly,  close to 2000 people came out on Sunday March 12th, 2017. A massive thanks to all the ground crew and vendors and parking attendants that kept everyone safe and fed and who contributed so much to make this a wonderful day at the #flyin2017.  Thank you to Brian Dueck and those that helped with organizing the event and making this a reality! You guys rock!
Amazing day at the fly in today with a record turnout! We had over 2000 people show up for the airshow! Brian was elected president of AOPA Belize and he flew nearly 6 hours between entertaining the audience and giving rides! The skydivers were very popular and were going non stop throughout the day. Overall it was a blast and can't wait for the next one!!!
Also a big thanks to Skydive San Pedro the who kept the people jumping of  from a plane. Please visit them at their facebook page today.  Airplanes arrived at 10 A.M. although the entertainment and planned events didn't start until after 12:30 P.M. People still came out early to watch the Skydivers coming down from the Sky.  RIDES! Astrum Helicopters was to show up at the event. But, Sadly at the last minute they cancelled out. They where offer rides for sale on location, for you and your loved one could have gone for a flight over the country side.
This was for sale at the event. This community was very organized with their event. 

SKYDIVING! San Pedro Skydivers where on site to give customers a best skydiving above, and while you where up there the view from mountain view was a moment you wouldn't forget. We had a professional skydiving team that performed for everyone to enjoy. And, if you wish to jump of the sky at San Pedro Ambergris Caye contact San Pedro Sky Divers page on Facebook. On the event for the Sky In 2017 the price for skydiving was at  US$199. You would had jump out of a plane with a highly experienced professional skydiver who brought you back safely to the ground. 

Sky Diving at the Fly In 2017. 
And, the event kept getting better and better. Guess what was next at the event? Aerobatics. AEROBATICS! For the first time ever we have officially been authorized to have live aerobatic performances, this was truly  incredible!!!

RC AIRCRAFT! We invited all RC pilots and owners to bring out their RC planes drones and helicopters to join in the fun. There was  a time set apart for you to fly. Note: there will be no RC flying allowed at any other time at the airstrip except during your allotted time.PILOT COMPETITIONS! As always we had some spot landing competitions and other fun activities for the pilots.
RC Aircraft home made. 
AIRCRAFTS! There where  many different aircraft on display, high wings, low wings, bi-wing, turbo and piston powered, Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Bell, Grumman, Air Tractor, crop dusters, passenger planes, sport, and kit planes. Something for everyone to enjoy! FOOD! . If you want to come out next year Invite your friends, and share it on Facebook. Then, come out next year for a awesome event. ENTRANCE fee was $5 per person at the gate, Or $10 per family. Parking is available for free.If you took any picture's please post them to social media with hashtag #flyin2017. For more info please contact Brian Dueck at 634-0364
 The community of Spanish Lookout held its annual Fly In 2017. We where super excited about this year's Fly In!!! It was a lot of fun! And there was delicious food for sale. People Brought their own lawn chairs and umbrellas to stay cool wile you watch all the exiting aviation activities. Free ride at the plane for those who wish to donate. Kids enjoyed getting sweets from the stunt plane that throw it above the air

Flying Above Spanish lookout at the event Fly in 2017.

Many locals where waiting to this event. And, you could have seen a lot of aerobatics show, see skydivers jumping from planes, look at dozens of different airplanes, helicopter, and cropdusters, enjoy RC planes as they zoom and spin through air, and enjoy good food as pilots test their abilities in their aircrafts?

Belize Angel Motorcycle at the event. 

This Harley Davidson came out On Sunday March 12th, 2017 to showcase their 

Kids getting some sweets after the plane dropped sweets up in the air. True story. They all bunch here to get them. They even had one for the adults. Yeap, I could imagine what they got. But, in another news story kids where excited to get them. 


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