Corozal held its 7th Annual Women's Month Arte con Voz de Mujer Exhibit 2017

Ms. Joanna Magana doing her speech.
In celebration of Women’s Month the Corozal House of Culture was delighted to present the 7th annual Arte con Voz de Mujer Exhibit; creating a platform for expression and appreciation by showcasing our exceptionally talented female artists of Corozal. Sculptures, paintings, textiles, basketry, photography, charcoal drawings, animation and more will be on display through to the end of March. You where cordially invited to the exhibit that launch on Friday, March 10th 2017. It began at 7pm. The exhibit delved into the lives of these talented women, biographies unveiled the successes of each one, and their art captivated everyone. Art Con de Mujer Exhibit Opening Ceremony commenced with the National anthem, Invocation, Welcome Address by Debra Wilkes Coordinator Corozal House of Culture, Kenote Address Ms. Joanna, Vote of Thanks Mrs. Lydia Ramcharam Polard Window in the past East Indian Museum and last was the cutting of the ribbon.

Ms. Joanna Magana doing her speech. 

Ms. Debra Wilkes acknowleged some people to thank them of their great dedication of Art work. "At the Women's event month Arte Con Voz De Mujer I will acknowledge some few people in participants of the event. Mrs Lydia Ramcharam Window into the past East Indian Museum, Ms. Debra Wilkes Coordinator Corozal House of Culture,  Chair man of Culture Pablo Marin, Cindy Rivero Coordinator Banquitas House of Culture, Bianca Ray Who turned 13. In honor of a female artist I would kindly ask to you to stand as I mention your name Sculpture maker Ms. Vilma Rivero, Painter  Teresita Hotchandani, Literacy Artist Rual Magana, multimedia artist  and culinary artist Ms Rachelle Stewart,  Painter Diane Bautista Alpuche, Painter Ms. Maggie Briant, Kisha Mia Painter, Noemi Rancheran Painter, Cultural Artist Mr Juan Tunn, The most discipline multimedia Ms Debbie Orio. I would like to thanked all of this painters for participating at the 7th annual Arte con Voz Mujer Exhibit 2017. " Such incredible talent a I am lader such  a high clever Art and artist together we are able to enrich each other life's by coming  together as one that only Corozal does. I encourage each an everyone to kindly read the time biography  our talented artists giving insight to their creative almost all of the work here  are on sale. You have a way to support them all by going to the table and read the price-line by purchasing a piece. We say thanks to all who came tonight. And, I hope you enjoy this event."Some of the names given at the event for award: displaying your fine art; Vilma Romero, Teresita Hotchandani, Cami Chun, Beverly Orio, Nekeisha Lima, Viany Bautista Alpuche, Maggie Gray, Rachel Stewart, Debra Wilkes, Joanna Magana and Noemi Rancharan. 

Ms. Lydia Ramcharam pollard saying the vote of thanks speech. 

In this 2017 event showcased about dealing with people to make a difference with each other as women and men to help each other and unite. 
Cutting of the ribbon.

Visual arts coordinator for the Institute of Creative Arts — Corozal Committee Debra Wilkes Gray produced and curated the exhibit. She spent countless hours photographing the artists, collecting biographies, exhibits, and information supporting each exhibit, as well as designing and producing promotional materials. The success of this exhibit is due to her hard work and and the graciousness of each artist, allowing the public to view their art and learn of their struggles and triumphs.

This where for sale at the museum.
The exhibit will spent about three weeks at Corozal Town Hall where locals and tourists will come in and see what NICH has on display. The traveling exhibit will reached out to high school students, exposing them to different genres of art, with the hope of enticing younger talent to pursue a career in art.

Art Work by some artists. A bite of Tropical Paradise. Acrylic on canvas Vianay Bautista 2017.
Lydia Ramcharam Pollard is known in Corozal Town for commitment and dedication to her East Indian cultural heritage. Her interest has resulted in collecting artifacts which she has in her own museum

 "Window to the Past." She is happy to share her history and her museum with those interested. Debra Wilkes Gray is a professional photographer whose work has been in national and inter-nation publications.

The display of hats made by an Artisan.
She fell in love with Belize and Corozal, which she has made her home. Her passion has always been to document with photos the people in her community who are so "rich in spirit." In her lifetime, Vilma Romero has explored a variety of artistic expressions, including watercolors, oil painting, wood carving, and metal and stone sculpture. In 1997 her work was featured in the national 12th Annual Women in Art Exhibition.
Ms. Rachel Stewart's Art Work. 

Rachel Stewart was born in the United States. She Graduated from Franklin College in 1978 with a Bachelor's Degree in Art. Rachel first visited Belize in the Mid 1980's when working for the travel division of American Express. After a second career as the kitchen Magician, a private Chef, she retired and now calls Corozal town her home. Experimenting with a variety of mediums from beads to fabric ink, acrylics,  and watercolor have inspired Rachel to continue creating, with an emphasis on collage. The piece shown at this exhibit were created prior to her arrival.  

Hatd assorted materials By Beverly Orio 2017.
 Cami Chun has been dedicated to venturing into art forms that are from her Maya heritage, such as embroidery, and making baskets, bracelets, and clothing. She also learned the art of Jipi-japa from her mother. From the Jipijapa tree comes the material for baskets. She now does embroidery and traditional Maya jewelry. 

Teresita Hotchandani- was born in Belize City. She attended Holy Redeemer Primary School. She followed by St Catherine's Academy. As a child she found beauty all around, she loved to paint, during her teen years she was discouraged by her parents comments of Art doesn't make money. 
At age 21 Teresita Married Michael Hotchandani and together they have raised four children. She went into the family business of merchandise stores in Belize City. Teresita was cutting edge business woman. She opened the first American clothing store in Belize City. allowing customers to enter the store and handle the products, up until this time all shops and stores had products behind counters. Some persons thought she was crazy to allow this. She happily named the first store Mr. Crazy and then opened Karinas. 
Teresita Hotchandani Art work. 

In 200 the family business opened shops in the freezone, a few years ago she opened Zaara's Boutique and as recent as last years she opened the outlet store, both in Corozal town. In recent years a medical illness forced teresita to slow down, this has become an opportunity for her to deive into her artistic side. She spend many hours now studying art, developing her own style. Request for paintings from her friends and family has given teresita the courage and energy to keep moving forward with her artistic talent. 

One of the Paintings that was being by a young  local girl. 
Below where some items sold at the event:
  • Jipijappa basket (large) by Cami chun130, turtle medium $20, turtle small $15
  • Near San Felipe ink on vinyl by Debera Wilkas $15
  • Gold Silk bonnet with ribbon roses by Beverly Orio $100 
  • Blue cotton print cloche by Beverly Orio $100
  • Lavender Cloche with faux ostrich by Beverly Orio $375
  • Violet Silk pillbox by Beverly Orio 350$
  • Purple pillbox with pearls and white roses by Beverly Orio 450$


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