Corozal Junior College held its 2017 Expo at Corozal

The Classes of the Corozal Junior College invited all families to attend C.J.C. 2017 Fair that was held on Friday March 31st, 2017 in Corozal Town inside CCC compound. It commenced at 9am with a ceremony and ended at 4pm.  

It was a fun-packed Filled day with games, dances, Skit, Raffles,  products Auction, Souvenirs, pillow for sale,  delicious snacks and food were on Sale, Cotton candy display, Pastries, Ice Cream, Flautas, Smoothies, coffee,  Science creation. Despite the high temperatures and walking around the compound, I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the different booths of the school at the Corozal Junior College's Business and Trade Expo. I would like to congratulate the institution of Corozal Community students for putting their effort on their 2017 Expo. I was grateful to observe this young talented student came up with a creative product. The school would like to thank all who came out for a visit at the different booth! A special thanks to our kind assistant, Miss Chun.  Every year the school always become more surprisingly, with their Annual Expo only at the Corozal Community College. Overall, at the expo it was excellent to see ideas of young Belizean's talent display. I learnt more things about the products CJC made. Young female and male presented their Theme of their selected group. Booths From science Mad Lab, math, food, coffee, Belizebank, Scotiabank, Atlantic Bank, Pizzas, Corozal House of NICH, BAHA,  GS Com, SFXCU, Grace, DFC, powerade, ExportBelize,  Angelius Press,  SIRDI, Centaur Cable Vision, Digi Graphix, Social Security Company, OCEANA, Caribbean Pride Company,, Courts, Cho'il Chocolate, K@K,  Labor Department, Tropic Air and more where on Display at the CJC Compound. Visitors where going around the compound asking questions to let the public be aware of their presentation. It was quite interesting knowing this facts that where given to me as an exchange. If you missed this year's event here are some pictures of the CJC's Expo. One of my favorite Booths for this Expo 2017 was Mad Lab Science and the Coconut Booth that made Coconuts out of Souvenirs. Happily. I managed to walk the entire compound with this heat.   

Country Food at the Expo.

Kraft Product at the expo. 

Graphic Vision hats for sale. 

Graphic Visions logo at the expo.

BAHA was giving excellent information about illegal products being brought to Belize.

BAHA's display at the Expo. 

Wild Ride and Braiding Ride the bull until you fall.

Rocketology's Display at the Expo.

Centaur was giving free wifi at the event. 

Micro-Habitated displayed information about Plants. 

Hibiscus Everyday products. They did lotion for hair, tea, body lotion, 

I Love Science 

Mad Science Lab. 

Come N's Blow. 

Royal Crystal Design Lid. 

Bottle Jaruse. Used for recycling plastic, Glass and other garbage. 

Digi Graphix.

Belizebank, Digi Graphix and Angelus Press at the back.

OCEANA Booth. 
Multi Electra booth..

Courts booth.

Corozal House OF Culture NICH.

The Belize Chamber if Comers. 

GS- COM booth.

The Angelus Press Ltd.

Hena Design, Nail Painting, Hair style design.

Hena Design booth.

FOTO Fusion Booth. 

Fresh Fast Booth. 

Welcome to the waffle island. 

Natural Sweat Design. 

Aroz Frito Y Rico Booth. 

Triple Saveur Torta

Tasty's Crispy Shells booth.
La casita del Faji Pollo Fresh, Fast and Juicy. 

Papsitas Booth a true taste of Mexican Food. 

BF Chicken Booth. Food sold 3$ up. 

Decor Booth. They has recycled bottles and was sold as souvenirs 
Maria Jewelry Booth.  

D'Vine wood furniture's where sold here. 

Coco Artery sold coconuts as decorations. They had it as different types of shape and sizes of coconuts.

Pillows where sold right here at the expo.