Corozal Community College Business fair 2017

 On Friday March 17th, 2017 the Corozal community college held it's annual Business Fair. This fair is one of the biggest event held in the Corozal Community College School compound. Locals from Corozal are familiar with this event and hundreds came out to support this worthy cause. I traveled to the Compound to witness one of the amazing you did not wanted to miss. Displays from various subjects, Science, Experiment, Physical Education,  STEM Club's Display - Automatic Irrigation System and Home Automation System, Primary Math Competition, Electric Power saver, Tacos was sold at the business fair in Corozal Community College 2017. Let's talk about food. It was done by the time I even thought about it. By 1pm most food serving on the compound almost sold out. You could have seen a variety of foods like Tamales, rice and beans; Snacks like: cookies, shrimp ceviche, chipotle, pastries, brownies, drinks like: coffee, natural juices, Soft Drinks and more. I love one of the best homemade chipotle with corn tortilla chips. MM Good! 

Zen's Corner.  You could have came and paint your own drawings. 
The students of the Corozal Community College spend hard working months preparing this event.  And, Also, parents put an extra mile to spend with their child to help this Business fair possible.  The teachers and the Vice principal would like to thank all who came out on this business fair 2017.  As, I observed the students creativity of Corozal Community College, the time put for this booth took time. I loved the decorations displayed outside the compound. The Bright colors that sparkled from the distance called my attention.  All this products where made homemade, creativity. 
This group sold pastries, brownies, cookies, planted rosemary, cilantro, oregano, Oregano greso, for sale.
The exhibition, which is an annual event, also serves as a marketing tool. We make every effort to improve year after year. It is open to public and we have invited all schools from the northern region. This is one of the opportunities we can bring to the public, especially potential students, some of the things we offer at both institutions. It serves as a one of our marketing tools. While the two institutions held their exhibit on their own campuses, it was done to coincide, thus making the event bigger. CCC has an approximate enrollment of 1,000 which includes 793 day-time students.

pastries was for sale. 

Souvenirs was for sale at the event. They had Career's in Home Economics. 

Fruit display was sold for people. Very creative. 

TIKI Bar. Heading on the beach? don't worry TIKI Bar has it all comfortable for you. 

Isla Botanera. Chase the flavors of the good taste. 

H'amazi food. 

They sold Tamales Tamalitos De Chaya. Drinks sold where sold Horchata. 

The view from the compound. 

Another view from the Business fair. 

Fruitie Smoothie shakes.

Come Beat the heat. Chamoyada Explosion. Located at Chamoyada Booth Explosion on C.C.C. or contact us at 631-4776 its all in the flavor. 

Fraptastic. Coffee House coffee and friends make a perfect blend. Oreo Frappe, Muffins, Cappuccino Frappe, Butter Cookies,  Mocha Frappe, Brownies. 

Sundae Funday Ice cream Parlor. Sundae's are the the ebst way to have a fun day. 


Display of the virgin mary. 

Math Class displayed their booth.  Great decoration. 

Viva Corozal Community  College. 

Football stadium where on display. Students where awesome creating this booth. 
I will conclude that this event was made possible by the sponsors.  Corozal Students would like to give a big thank you to the public that came out on their Business Fair 2017. They would wish to make you come back and see you next year for their bigger event. And, they  did an awesome display on their booth show. Today, they did skits, dances, singing and more.


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