Xaibe village R.C. school presents to you: Bringing Back Culture Life; Culture presentation

On February 17, 2017 The R.C. School from Xaibe village, Corozal, District held its annual Cultural Business EXPO 2017. The Theme for the event was "Bringing Back  The Culture's Life". The school did an excellent job showcasing their presentation about the culture of Belize. All classes From Beginner's to standard 6 did a cultural show about their theme presentation. Even one of  the Pre-school from Xaibe village was at the event. The booths that I saw where: Creole, Garifuna, Mestizo, East Indians, Ketchi maya, Preschool Yucatec Maya, Smart, Belizebank, Youth Cadet Police booth, BIC, Magil's Mexican Products where the main attraction at the event. And, all the booths I saw had their display about their clothing about which culture they where presenting. When I finished taking picture's, the host stopped playing music and announced that the Opening Ceremony will commenced. Anxiously, waiting for the opening ceremony the event began at 11A.M... First was the  Belize national Anthem was Sang, Prayer, Vice Principal, Invited guests, took the stage to open the ceremony. Then, at 2pm children from Beginner's to standard 6 presented their cultural theme about their THEME CULTURE. They all came presenting about Andy Palacio, Garifuna, Creole, Mestizo, Belly dance, and more. It was fun watching this event for the first. What a fun day to witness this excellent Cultural event. What I really liked about this Cultural Business Expo was the information I was feedback with our Culture we have in Belize. And, many are taking it as an advantage. we do really need to promote our culture. Thanks to this event I learnt a lot of history about Belize.

Origin of Creole

Where they came from?

Belizeans creoles, also known as kriols, are Creole descendants of Black African. They were brought to Belize and English and Scottish log cultures. They also came from Miskito from Nicaragua, Jamaica and other West Indians Mestizos and East Indians.  Creoles are found predominantly in urban areas such as Belize City. Where they lived before? Many other groups in the United States, creole did not migrate from native country. They lived before in the west Indies and Latin America. 

Culture booth "CREOLE".

Information booth about how the creoles came to Belize.

Saint Francise Xavier Credit Unoin Booth.
School presenting their Garifuna Culture. 
They have a unique sound caused by beating the shells with drums stick in different areas giving it a different sound. These drums give the Garfiuna music even more harmonious.  Garfuna drums are made by hollowing out solid trunks of hard wood such as Mahogany, may flower or cedar.  Different size are available from: Smaller Diameter, produces high pitch sound and faster rhythm. Segund Drums are available from: Bigger Diameter, Produces Heavy bass and sound and bass drummer provides the beat.  This instrument is usually to accompany the drums in the traditionally parada music. It is typically played by strumming or plucking the strings with the fingers nails of the right strings. While fretting (or pressing against  the frets) the strings with the fingers of the left hand. 
Garifuna also known as "Garinagu" booth. Also on display are the instruments they used to use. Up until today, they still use to showcase their musics. 
East Indian culture Booth.
 Most of the East Indians eat traditional foods. The most flavored food food is the TAKARi or curry powder, which flavors most the Indian Foods. In Belize a few of the early east Indian hunted for meat But, most are vegetarian. They eat several kinds of leaves such as Maka, bon soroso, Meranga Jokata young coco leaves, Serocee and pepper leaves. Greens eaten are siembi and yard beans lowcas and pumpkin. East Indians came to the Caribbean from India. The majority of them resided in Guyana and Trinidad In 1857, three thousands East Indians Migrated from Jamaica to Belize. They came here as free East Indians, due to the exportation of their contrails in Jamaica. Therefore, all the East Indians in Belize Came from Jamaica.  
East Indian Culture booth. 
East Indian booth.

East Indian Presentation booth. 

Games where on display for kids. 

More games where displayed at the event. 

The Mestizo group booth displaying their culture booth.
 Most Mestizo are from catholic religion which were inherited by the Spaniards. The teaching of the Roman Catholic has had the greatest influences on their norms and value of mestizo culture. They placed a crucifix or an alter prominently in the home to show loyalty towards Christianity.    Women are more devoted since they do their religious practices  would include : marriage, baptism, practice praying to the saints, nine nights novenas for the death, death (funerals), and they also don't believe in premarital   sex. Relleno, Garnachas, rice and beans, salbutes, jonney cake, tamales, paties, chochinita pibil, coconut crust and burritos are some mestizo foods being prepared at home.
Mestizo Booth displaying their booth. 

Kechi maya cultural booth.

Kechi Maya booth.

Indian classic dance, act originated in village of Corozal district, as a dance drama performance act, with its roots in the ancient Hindu sankrits text, it develops as a religious art line of temples and spiritual beliefs. Vocalist and musicians accompanied the artist, with the song recited in Telugu language, and tala and raga set to carnatic music. Typical music instrument in kuchipudi are cymbals, veena, flute and the tambura.  

Kechi maya booth.

Kechi Maya at the booth at the RC school grounds at Xaibe Village. 

The Kechi booth culture booth presentation. 
Local government System 
The community is governed by the "Acalde"  system. Every three years an alcalde is elected in November. The alcalde is very important for community as he has to complete authority and a mandate to govern. His role is to ensure peace and harmony in the village. Health is the knowledge of the medicinal value of many  plants in the region has been passed through generations. They still collect these plants and herbs to cure illness and maintain good health. Kecki food diet is corn and beans. A wide     range of fruits such as banana, citrus and mangoes. Also, they eat vegetables are grown in the family milpas. The Kechi Maya morning and evening meals usually consist of of corn or flour tortillas and eggs beans with coffee. Preparation of corn known as POCH is made by leaving the mass to ferment. The massa is boiled like tamales and eaten with as a soup made from chicken.  
Boy posing for the picture as he dresses up for culture day.
Yucatec Maya preschool. 
 The Yucatec Maya is a result of Simbiosis with Roman Catholic. Religious and traditional ritual practices compose their religion. The prayer to pray for gods, saints and angels accompanies act of offering and sacrifices. Resados, novenas and the day of the death are the pat of their religious.  The patron saint of the village is celebrated on dates dictated by the Catholic Calendar. The Virgin Marry is included among the saints which is popular and famous supernatural.  Yucatec Maya are identified by their beautiful decorated alters. Images of saints, angels, the virgin marry and pictures of their beloved ones, along with flowers and burning candles ar part of the alter, food and drinks are offered for there soul of their beloved ones.
Yucatec Maya Preschool food presentation. 

Yucatec boy dressed as mestizo. 

Smart on the spot, giving promotion. Also, credit was available for double up. You could have came and trade your for a reasonable price.  

Corozal Youth Cadet Corp. 
 This booth where giving information about protecting your life, businesses, firearms safety tips, and public neighborhoods.
BIC sold frozen coffee. They also had one dollars sale sweets, chocolates, mints, chewing gums and more. 

Belizebank always promoting their business at the event. 
Ms. Mestizo dressed with her presentation for her cultural booth.

Magil's products Co.


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