Corozal 2017 "Love Fair" promoted by OCEANA; It was held at Central Park

Corozal Held its Love Fair OCEANA On February 14, 2017 at Corozal Central Park.  Raffles, entertainment and more where presented on the event. Love for Self community and the environment. This was the name given at the Love Fair that was held on February 14, 2017.  The Love Fair commenced at 9am and end at 2pm. This event was sponsored by Love fm, Blue's, Ctv3, Rack's Snacks, Ministry of Government and Corozal Ministry and FOCUS.     about the Education What is OCEANA Helping the Belize and the world? Visit us at to find out more about how OCEANA Belize works. Wealth Untold- Belizeans are custodians to one of the most biologically diverse and unique natural resources on the planet. The Belize Barrier Reef is the second longest Barrier Reef in The world. Three of the Caribbean's four atolls are found in Belizeans waters. Belize is also home to the great Blue Hole, a large submarine sinkhole visible from space. Seven sites within the Belize Barrier Reef system have also been designated World Heritage Sites by UNESCO as places of outstanding importance and value; a distinction granted to only 47 other marine sites in the world. What's in a Reef? A thriving coral reef is an intricate collaboration among many different kinds of animals, plants and microorganism. Coral reefs grow very, very slowly. Shallow coral reefs, sea grass bed and mangroves all characterized the Belize Barrier Reef system. As living beings, corals are highly vulnerable to climate, weather and factors like water temperature, salinity (salt in the water) and even turbidity (how clear the water is). Corals are threatened even more human intervention: Coastal development marine pollution, coastal development, marine pollution, over fishing,  inland pollution, sedimentation, as well as exploration and exploitation of resources such as oil. 

Belize's economy rooted in its natural; Literally! economic research reveals that mangroves and coral reefs are highly interconnected and inter-dependent. Many species important to both tourism and fisheries rely on mangroves habitats during their life cycle.  The health and beauty of Belize's marine resources are critical to tourism, fishing and storm surge protection. conservative figures indicate that Belize marine environment provides more than a billion (yes, Billion with a B) dollars in just those three areas. For context, Belize's entire Gross Domestic Product is approximately 3 billion dollars.  

Locals signing up for future events.
Beyond job security, the Caribbean sea also provides the individual benefits of foods.  security to Belizeans who rely on our marine environment as source of fresh, safe, healthy seafood. On top of all that, every year, especially  between the months of June and November, the entire country economically benefits from the storm surge protection the reef provides to the coast. Reefs are able to dissipate 97% of waves energy as it approaches the shores. Already, sits a foot below sea level and her coastal communities ?tourism destination including  Corozal, DAngriga, Hopkins, Placencia, Monkey River, Punta Gorda and Barranco.  
A view from Central Park. People came out to witness this event.
More than 75% of coral reefs in the Caribbean are considered threatened with climate change and humans intervention being two of the leading stressors.  The terrestrial runoff of nutrients, pollutants, and sediments, as well as global warming and oceans acidification are all  a major contributors to the catastrophic decline of coral abundance and diversity. Threats need to be reduced in order to promote recovery. The good news  is  that we still have time to protect these Belizeans resources for the benefits of all Belizean as well as her future generations Offshore oil exploration  and oil exploitation would only increase the threats to the reef. Any loss or damage to these sensitive associated with offshores oil be irreparable and would result in direct declines to valuable services and economic benfits being enjoyed by Belizeans. 

A design of a selfie stick frame for the OCEANA's Reef Presentation. 
If its one thing every Belizean is proud of, its our Barrier Reef. Truly a source of national pride, it is responsibility of all Belizeans  to protect our natural  heritage for the benefits and enjoyment for our children, grandchildren and our future generation. Join the OCEANA and the tens of thousands of Belizeans who say "No" to offshore drilling oil in Belize. Your children and your great grandchildren will thank you. Visit us at our website Or, call us at: 822-2792 or 822-2799. Visit our our main office at Belize City 2358 Hibiscus Street. 
Different information to inform the public about harming the reef, mangroves and the waters of Belize.

Department of Youth Services. 

A view from Central Park. 

Corozal House of Culture representing their booth at the event. 
Corozal house of culture came out to display their History about the past of Corozal. And, today they had different Art Frame about the past of Corozal. I enjoyed the game of the magnetic puzzle. Kids, came to play this and they never stopped putting this puzzle's together. Corozal NICH is a culture organization that showcase the Corozal Town.
Children came to solve the puzzle. I've tried it and is was tricky and fun to play with. 

Mayan Puzzle being put together by a lady. 

Educating Belize to Minimize the use, Misuse, Abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs. 

Educating Belize about the use, Misuse, abuse about alcohol and drug use

BOOTH about Educating the Belize about drugs and alcohol. 

Kids playing this game. How far you throw the referee measure the length you threw  and who ever gets the highest points wins.

Minister of Education Booth displaying their information. 

Display about Minister of Education booth. Very informative booth. 

Kids continuing to play their game at the Love Fair event.I saw the boys  behind the cones and the boys threw the arrow as far as they can and the other boy came and measured with a round plastic cone and measured the throw. The highest points goes to the measurement they used. 

Focus Mangrove Booth to protect Coastal Mangrove.  
We are non-profit organization (NGO) that was registered on 21, December 2012. We are also a non-profit organization (NGO)that encourages a greater appreciation, respect, understanding of, and positive action for the environment in Corozal District and Corozal Town. We came together as individuals who care about protecting the environment in Corozal Town. Our flagship project has been Mangrove Park restoration which is on the Bay on the north end of town. We have worked to combine bay and park recreation, conservation, and education. We have coordinated and worked with locals and international youth groups to reinforce the shoreline, plant trees, landscape, clean and remove trash, mark signs, among other things. These projects have helped the environment, educated youth, and provided a positive cultural experience for all involved.
They displayed how they grew the mangroves step by step. 
FOCUS continues to work on mangrove Park and the creation of other bay-shore parks. We help promote and sponsor Earth Hour and Earth Day in the Corozal District. We Work on trash clean-up campaigns and environmental education. Our fundraising efforts include plant for sale, grant proposal, donations, and a map of Corozal Town.  For more information visit us at Number #98 4th avenue, Corozal Town. Or, call us at 623-7547 or 422-2380. Email us at: Become a friend or a member of FOCUS.

  • Guardian (under 13 years old)   2$-$5
  • Protection -Jr (age - 13-18) 6$-10$
  • Advocate -General 15-30 
  • Steward  Patron 50$ 
  • Golden Patron 100$

A close up view of how mangroves are being protect in Belize. 

OCEANA displaying the aftermath after a hurricanes hit when theirs no mangroves on the coast of Belize. 
Corozal Youth Cadet Cop. Team work the way to GO!
The Corozal Youth Department is a scout Proud member of the Local community. It showcases the disciplines of young scouts from all ages. It is a club that will allow the young Kids female and Male to become a disciplined person. And, to to take them out of trouble in Belize, It also shocased many illegal Items that are used when a crime is being made when a person is arrested. This booth of Corozal Youth Cop.  Had Items that where displayed information about Robbery, Protecting your home, Citizen on Patrol C.O.P. , Police Youth cadet, Corp Ranks in the police Cadet Corp, Youth  cadet Corp Neighborhood watch.  

This event was held to inform the public about our Protecting our Mangroves, HIV/AIDS, Police Booth Information about Scouts, Informing the public about Alcohol, drug, and the misuse of Drugs, Showcasing the Art work about Corozal Shown by Corozal NICH, Educating our youth about being productive in our Country. I visited each booth on February 14, 2017 and they had lots of information on display. I evwn got a free cupcake for being their. Thanks for the NICH for helping me around the event and making me take picture's around the Park. 


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