How to enjoy Corozal with a great experience

Winter ducks in Corozal. 
Many people have different ways to enjoy the entertainment in Corozal. Corozal is being enjoyed many ways by people. Hears by lovely experience and how to get around Corozal. Very unusual mornings, I enjoy watching the sunrise in the morning. Hearing the Sugar Barge on a quiet morning I could hear the motor roaring.   Usually, I walk in the mornings I see Many things. Some mornings are very cool; foggy mornings. The first thing I hear is the car spraying for mosquito's going around town spraying that acid spray. That strong bug spray I inhale burns through my nose as I wake up and in the silent morning in Corozal. From the distance I hear the loud birds chirping from the distances waking up the neighborhoods.  Those birds hang around the Central Park. As they nest on the trees above they made their home their. Ding! Ding! Ding! the loud clock from the distances the clock for the Central Park is telling the time. That, loud ring from the Central Parks clock goes on every 15 minutes. But, some mornings I enjoy this silent morning. Very peaceful to hear a silent morning as I am waking up. Usually, walking the beach on cool weather, I can see the ducks swimming on the water. Slowly, as the sunrise coming up I can see the ducks and other objects reflection. Even when the people are exercising. And, the color of the sky slowly changing. Corozal has some beautiful mornings and you can't imagine. Some mornings are too foggy I can't see anything from the distance. White mist touching my skin. I can feel that humid wet morning.
As, the town slowly waking up from another busy day, I can enjoy a morning coffee everyday. Daylight is up and having coffee on the beach coast, feeling the cool air on my skin. Somedays is very breezy and not that humid like other mornings. If you enjoy the sunrise anywhere in Corozal District you will enjoy Belize More. Corozal has a lot to offer while you are visiting in the district. From Consejo, to Sarteneja, to Corozal town, to Orchid Bay, to Enrique's Bar and Grill, Scotty's Bar and Grill, Wood-House, Tropical Splash, RD's restuarants. Retirees from outside come hear to be part of Belize and enjoy this marvelous Country we have to offer. Theirs a lot to do hear. Belize country-wide has a number of entertainment as you visit Belize. If you are new to the country and you want to visit Corozal? Theirs different ways how to get to Corozal. From Chetumal you can take a bus that only charges you 3$ Belize from Chetumal to Corozal. You can travel the New Market in Chetumal.  ConfederaciĆ³n Nacional Campesina s/n, Chetumal, Q.R., Mexico. This address to take the Belize bus.  It only takes 45 minutes to Corozal, because the bus has to stop two immigration's to check for documentation for either locals or tourists.  Chetumal and Belize are the two immigration you will stop for passport stamps. Here's a website to guide you how to move around Belize. Travelling around Chetumal to Belize and Guatemala .

Sunset view in Corozal. 
While, being in Corozal, you can drive along the water-font to sea the activities what is happening. Another, experience I love about about Corozal, its when you walk around for sunset. Sunsets are very great to experience on your next bucket list. Because, while you walk around town, especially on the water front, you'll see many scenery along the Beach. Like the picture with the Sail boat. You can also visit the Corozal NICH office which is located right in front of Thunderbolt's office. Or, visit their page here: Corozal House of Culture (NICH).  They have information that will guide you around to to find out more about what is happening. Another, touristic place to see are the old jail that is around the park. And, The Town Council of How the Corozal was back then.
Tourists on the Catamaran in Corozal. 

The Sea front has a aqua blue that keeps changing everyday. And, it is not as salty as you may think. Because it is connected to the fresh lagoon on the bay. Like the picture above, show you how lovely it is. Tourists are riding on this Catamaran  boat. Yeap, tsurprisingly, it is not as salt as you may think. The river (New River) connecting from the mainland to the Corozal Bay runs out on the sea. When, I swam on the water wasn't bad. I loved swimming on the water. Fishermen, locals comes to catch some bait. Especially the fishermen that needs to go to work to continue catching fish.

Visiting the Corozal NICH. 

While exploring Corozal, I research many History about Corozal like you see on the picture above. It is a small town to explore. And, it was the Hotspot for mayan attraction for the past century. tourists are slowly finding out about Corozal. But, every body has their favorites while being in Belize. My experience in this town is quite an entertainment. One, of things I love to do in town is having some coffee at Tropical Splash. Or, just get on a ride with a catamaran and sail away on the bay. You can go to Orchid Bay to make a guy guide you around. Make sure its someone who knows how to sail the bay. While doing this you can see the bay from the distance and the bright aqua water jut sparkling from the distance as the sun shines above. My, other experience in Corozal was a boat ride. How awesome was that. A boat ride to cerros Maya ruin. It was quite fun. A boat was hired to meet me at Tony's inn Hotel at 9am. 20 minutes boat ride from cerros. It was fun visiting the ruins from the water front. If you want to get on a but, around town? you may need a agent for you to take you around Corozal.  To find out about cerros Read more hear:


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