Visiting Tropical Splash Great coffee in Town.

Are you looking for coffee in Corozal and you're tiered of instant coffee that tastes like water? Don't worry, because visiting Tropical Splash has great coffee in town, Noone else will have. The only person to sell Starbucks and Du-kin Donuts coffee in town. Tropical Splash has some amazing try outs you can taste on the list. Flavors from French Vanilla, Carmel, Cinnamon,  Hazelnut, Chocolate and Mocha. Other flavors are M&M's, Snickers, Oreo Cookies, Nutella, Milky way, Strawberry, Chamoy, lemon slush, lime slush and more. Come in today and try our Coffee today. Thursdays our 4.00$ discount only on coffee's. Opening Hours from 9am to 9pm. It is excellent coffee and this are the one's I had tried before. Visiting this place will make you want  to come back for more coffee. I dare you! So, come say hi to the staff's behind the scene that makes coffee daily. 
Coffee Mocha
Heere's the Theme of Wall. It's coffee time.

Inside Tropical Splash.

Coffee French Vanilla

Carmel Coffee.