Visiting "Galeria De Arte" in Chetumal

Chetumal is a busy, productive, attractive City for many tourism's and Belizeans. Belizeans depend on buying products across Chetumal. Our sister City has many places to visit Mayan Ruins, Malls, Restaurants and Groceries. If it wasn't because of the Belizeans they wouldn't be where it is now.. On the Month of December 2016 a new coffee shop was opened. You can come in to buy Art paints, coffee, breakfast, Wifi, read inside,  Bathrooms and more. It was remodeled for visitors to come enjoy coffee. It is a very nice place to come sit down with your family and friends.  The name of the Coffee is  "Café y Arte Galeria De Aquí. street name is 27 Av de los Héroes" in Chetumal, Quintana Roo. 

My first visit to the coffee shop was very awesome to visit. When, I entered the building not knowing what will I be expecting inside the place was exciting. I headed towards the cashier to order my coffee. The menu had different varieties of coffee and Tea. Expresso, Capuchinio, Americano, Green tea and more. After I ordered my first Expresso coffee  I sat down down to take some picture's. Across from me, was a couple of tourists from the US where visiting the restaurant. The rest of the tables where empty. They sat down for a while having their conversation. 

Then, my coffee came within 4 minute's after I sat down. All the while I thought it was going to be those medium size cups expresso. Wow!, It was those lovely small shot cups that you can use. Even I could have made my coffee at home with those small cups. Yeap, but, I want to try coffee around town. I sat down and read for 30 minutes, meanwhile, I drank my coffee.

And, several minutes later packed my stuff and paid. I asked one of the workers that work their if I am allowed to take photo's and walk around the museum. I walked around and came along some amazing Art Paints that vary from 3,000 to 50,000 pesos. I went upstairs to see more Art works that worth a lot of money. I was excited to watch all of those paintings. While, I was walking around I heard the guys outside making loud noise with machines. They where working on some stuff outside the building. After, I finished walking around upstairs I walked downstairs and headed outside to ask the owner what time they open. It was a great place to come visit especailly for those Belizeans that love coffee.

Expresso Coffee excellent coffee.

Art Museum in the Gallery.
Display of the Art on the wall.

This where amazing art. Come visit today.

Upstairs of the museum.

Where you order your coffee downstairs.

Its very quiet inside. You can come in and read.

Upstairs Gallery.

Upstairs view of the Gallery.