Visiting Corozal museum "Window to the Past "Khirkee Ko Guzarna" East Indian culture Museum Corozal"

Before I move on to the Museum in Corozal, I will tell you about how great the weather was today. It has been quite isolated all day with some cloudy at times. But, it didn't rain. Corozal was warm and cool today to come out and swim or walk around town. Who knows what you're day will be with no plans on your beautiful day in Corozal.  Let me highlight some interesting facts about the past History of  Belize. The video to the left, show's the inside part of the museum and how the people lived in Belize and what they use to used back then. Back then, in the old days' Belize was peaceful, slow and more enjoyable. Belize countrywide has a lot of History still waiting to be discovered.

Surprisingly,  I was so excited to come visit the Corozal museum Window to the Past "Khirkee Ko Guzarna" East Indian culture Museum in Corozal. I went to visit the Museum, and heading there it was so humid and enjoyed the wind. When I reached the Museum, I walked inside a large property, clean and very opened. From outside I saw the large sign that said the name of the museum. I knew it was hear, But I didn't know which building it was. I  walked towards the first building, I noticed a group of Belizean's hanging outside. I kindly asked one of the people " where is the museum? one of the guy's answered me,  "It is the second white building downstairs." So, I kept walking the direction they gave me. On the entrance of the building, I observed outside, a hand pump for water. 
welcome to the Museum in Corozal. 
They had a display of how the villagers used to take out water. They came with small buckets and pump the pipe until the water came out. Interesting, The first thing I've noticed was the displays of the old antiques of Belize's history. They where hanging on the wall that had names on them to display what they mean. I kept walking inside and I saw a full house inside the museum. Visitors from the States where inside talking to Ms. Lydia. I called her a week earlier to notify her that I will be coming to visit the Museum. She was talking to 3 female Belizeans/US visitors about the past of Belize. As I entered the building, Ms Lydia happily shouted in a medium ton at me " Jay!, How are you today?" I answered in a low tone "I am doing very fine today".

 "It was a hot and humid." I came to tell you that I came to take photo's of the Museum and blog about it". She replied "sure you can." I can help you with anything."  So, she cut me short on the conversation to finish talking with her other visitors. While, she was talking to them I observed many things about how Belize used stuffs back then. They where very antique and famous for their history they have. And, you can also donate to the museum. I began to take photo's meanwhile she takes her time with her visitors. I got distracted by Ms Lydia when I was concentrated taking photo's. 

We started talking again about Corozal history and she gave me a lot of history stories about Belize. I was surprised what I have seen inside the museum. Part of it reminded me about the Maya's. Since, I was new to the place I took enough picture's. Interestingly, my day was fun with a visit inside the museum. Ms. Lydia left the building, and left me to finish of taking photo's. Seeing this displays of Belize History from the past was a piece of reminder that Belize is a unique place to enjoy visiting. After a while observing the place I told Ms Lydia thanks for the visit and making my day interesting and to come here and blog about Corozal. A little more boost for the town to read about the museum. If you wish to come visit this place, it is open daily from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 1pm to 4pm.

A picture below shows you a Picture of Tee of Life. Tree<<<---(Taruar) Life(Pram) <<<---Hindi
Leaf of Life. leaf (vark) Life (pren), Magic Leaf (Jedod), East Indian water Bucket (Ka'chul)
Querns are some few words that the history has about the past time in Belize. Ground Grinding (Quern) and Pestle: where used to grind medicinal burns for various aliments. The villagers used fire hot to cook their food. It does tastes good with fire haat (Chulha), Rolling Pin ( Beinna), Commal-sridlle (tawa), Bambu Blow air (phukani), Poker, water goover. This are some items used by Belizean's back in the days of History. Interestingly, I liked the stuffs I saw in the Museum. A lot I have learnt about Belize when I visited the Museum. 

entrance of the museum. Antiques from the past history in Belize. And, it is being collected in the Corozal Museum.

Kitchen Utensils used by some Belizean cooker's.  

This where used by the Belizean people when they used to live in small houses made out of mud or wood.

Fire Haat Used outside to cook food.

This collections are over 100 years old.

This a reminder of the history of Belize.

This is how the Belizeans lived inside their houses. 

This where boxes used to put away private stuffs and where actually locked. 

This wheel where used to move stuff from one place to another with trains.
This old sewing machines where made by metals. 

This Belizean antique radio where used back then. And, where the only option to get information.