Things To Do in Corozal District

Corozal Town is one of the best kept secrets of Belize. Situated by beautiful Corozal Bay, it is peaceful and quiet. Locals enjoy swimming in the bay year round, where the water seldom gets really cold. When driving north from Orange Walk, Corozale├▒os know they are home as the bay comes into sight. In places, grass is a great, soft substitute for beaches, and you can spend the day just relaxing, swimming, and picnicing. There are usually many locals here during holidays, and many festivities are planned by the bay.

Tower Clock
One of the hallmarks of Corozal Town is the tower clock located in Central Park. If is a favorite meeting and gathering place for townspeople. There are shady spots for resting, and there are food stands every day to get your tacos and even fresh squeezed orange juice. Everything is gone by early afternoon, so get there early! On Mondays and Fridays the park is filled with locals selling goods in flea-market fashion. With a little patience you can find some really good bargains!

Corozal Mural
The Town Hall is located near the park, and here you find a grand mural depicting some of Corozal's history, painted by Manuel Villamor Reyes. It is a collage of images, including the massacre at Bacalar, Mexico, exploitation during the colonial era, and the plight of the struggling Maya. It is best viewed during the week when the Town Hall is open, though it can be seen through the door on week-ends and holidays. It covers one whole wall of the large room.

Cerros Temple 5
Cerros, an ancient Mayan settlement, is located across the bay. A short boat ride gets you there. Recent developments provide a place for picnics and trails wind through the attractions. Cerros gives Corozal a history dating back to the pre-Classic era (350-BC to 250 AD). There is a rich history for Cerros, including an experiment in "kingship", where men were considered to be emissaries of the gods. If you like archaeology, it is definitely worth the trip.

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