San Pedro Ambergris Caye 2017 Carnaval Tradition

In the old days of San Pedro Ambergris Caye in the year's of 1950's, the local's came out to celebrate the annual Carnaval. Back then people who believed to be painted used baby powder. And, back then it was more fun because they never argued about smelling like paint or eggs. It is observed during the week leading up to Ash Wednesday and the Lenten Season and is a pagan celebration during which time people can indulge in bodily pleasures that they will have to give up during Lent. The local government of San Pedro Town usually organizes a week of fun events for visitors and locals. Today the San Pedro car-naval is similar to the New Orlean's Mardi Gras ( in meaning, not size).

Today, the young generation comes out painting people with paint and eggs. Every year in San Pedro in the month of February celebrates the annual carnival. Surprisingly, Men dressing up in drag and dancing through the streets of downtown San Pedro, Ambergris Caye,  the AID's commission,  The event goes on for four days where each comparsas group comes out to compete with their colorful, attractive, homemade costumes, and in the last day the Judges give the competitor the prize. At the end, they see how much points they won by category. They will go house to house around town collecting money. One of the entertainment groups are the male because they dress up like women, it attracts the locals and tourists a lot.  Including in this event are children from all ages participate in this carnaval. The mayor is announcing that "the community leaders annually stress that the season should be celebrated in a respectful and peaceful manner." Usually the carnival works this way: on the first day its young children come out to paint from 12noon until 6pm, the second day children from 12 noon until 6pm and adults are extended until 12 midnight and the third day its main adults that come out late in the evening throughout the night where judges give the comparsas prizes. If you want are a tourist and you won't know what's happening? stay in in your hotel it may be wild fun. Or, just tell a friend I want to go watch it from your veranda.