Maya Bella Downtown Hotel San Ignacio; A blog to visit in Belize

Maya Bella Downtown hotel  is located in the heart of San Ignacio Town. And, from short distances from Shops, restaurants, Gift Shops and more. Feel Special at this Spacious & Safe Downtown Hotel. You will Be On Top of your vacation at our exclusive downtown hotel with our private garage, 3rd-level terrace, and modern rooms. Banks, transport, a DHL Express, and a tourist welcome center are just some of the conveniences within TALKING distance. We are located on downtown where church, banking, can be made. For reservation contact us at our Address:

36 Burns Avenue
San Ignacio, Cayo BZ
Telephone International:

​+011 501 615-5593
+011 501 602-6082


Room Features All rooms include air conditioning and ceiling fan, hot and cold water, flat-screen TV with all your favorite channels, and a closet rod. All rooms are very well lit

Bedroom Features 
Choose from King, Queen or Double Beds, which come fitted with water-resistant covers. Your luggage will fit perfectly under your bed with all that space under there.

Hotel Features
Having an enclosed garage, a grand terrace and a front desk focused on you is just the beginning of a safe, spacious and special stay at Maya Bella Downtown Hotel.
 If you come stay here you'll find restaurants like this Crave House of Flyour. Which is located behind the Hotel. They have great food and Chef Alejandro is the main attraction that makes some great food.

 The picture below is one of the restaurants located in front of the hotel. Best wings, Ice cream, burritos, Belizean food and more.

Here's a review of one of the stay in's in the hotel.


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